Witchcraft Spell Services


All my products are handcrafted by me in ritual and with love. My products are foraged only by me and appropriate offerings are left in its place. There are limited quantities available since I forage responsibly and in season. If a product is no longer available, it will be marked as such.

None of my products are by-products from anyone else, if I haven’t foraged it and prepared it myself, I won’t sell it! I do my best to keep my costs down by using handwritten labels, pre-printed has proven to be too expensive. Products are packaged in clear 3×5″ re-sealable bags. Although lovely product packaging is always nice, it does not make for a better Witchcraft.

I ship worldwide and all my pricing INCLUDES shipping from Canada through Canada Post standard mail. That means it will possibly take a bit longer to get to you. I don’t see the value in paying more for shipping, this also helps keep costs down. However, I understand that time is of the essence for some. If you want/need something faster, please email me to make other shipping arrangements.

I run this blog from my heart and that includes my shop. I believe that I am priced very fairly…. I charge enough to cover my costs, so please do not email me for a “deal” there is no room for negotiating.

Thank you for stopping by!



****SOLD OUT**** Black salt is now available for pre-order again and will be ready for shipment on November 24th, 2019.


You can read more about this salt here………


Spell To Get Into Someones Heart

Upon purchase please include your email on the Pay Pal Invoice. I will contact you to confirm I have received the order within 24 business hours and review final details with you. Or you can email me directly at witchandwalnut@hotmail.com All work is done in ritual and in correspondence with days of the week that best support your desired outcome. You will receive an emailed photograph of the completed service. Results are not guaranteed and may vary. No Refunds.



Spell To Get Into Someones Thoughts & Dreams

Once you have booked this service, please email me a few sentences about the person (including their name) and thoughts you would like them to receive. Your order is specifically prepared for you and additional ingredients and elements will be used to complete the service. Please allow up to 48 business hours for a response and I will confirmed a service date. You will receive photographs of the work once the service is complete up to 48 business hours afterwards. Service appointments may be changed at anytime due to weather. You will be notified of any changes. No Refunds.



Evil Eye Reversing

Evil Eye has been around since the beginning of time, some might say. This service is to return and reflect the Evil back to the sender. The work is done on a chosen day of the week by me. Once payment has been received you will receive an email from me within 48 business hours to review final details. Photographs of the work will be provided upon completion. Booking times are a min 14 – 21 business days out.


You can read more about this here….




Goldenrod galls are foraged with love along with honey locust thorns to create this protective talisman. A particular number of braids are prepared and anointed in oils and wrapped. The gall is hallowed out and prepared with various ingredients and sealed with wax and completed in ritual. Each doll is made to order, please allow 3 days for preparation before shipping. No two dolls are ever alike and sizes will vary but generally they are within the 5 inch range. PRICE INCLUDES standard shipping through Canada Post. No refunds.