Folk Magic Services

cropped-a.jpgWelcome & thank you for stopping in! The work I do is on a case-by-case basis, I do not offer pre-set services at this time. Moving onto payment, I do not have set fee’s either because each casting I do is different for each person. I can say that I do not charge thousands, or even hundreds of dollars per service. In fact most services are under $50,00 CAD.  I do not offer tarot card reading services, however I may choose to do a reading for your work privately to myself for further clarity and guidance before I start your casting.

Another point to mention is that I do work full-time, and have a limited time on the evenings and weekends to do extra castings, I’m sure its the same for all of you!!  I cannot answer emails right away, but generally daily. I also do not take on more work that I can manage. We would have a very detailed discussion about timing and scheduling of your casting. Most of the work I do is candle work, so timing is important since I cannot leave my home during that time.

All emails are private, I do not discuss any part of it to anyone. Its important to me that the work I do, works for you, so I need you to be completely honest with me. Please know that no matter how bad your story may be to you, I have heard worse. On that note, its important to not be discussing the work you are requesting with other people. This can very easily undo what we are working on together. Having doubt, seeking guidance or doubling up on spell work is not going to get you to the finish line faster.

Lastly I want you to know that I was passed on this knowledge, and have a gift for the craft and I take it very seriously. The craft is part of my daily routine, same as any other devout religious person. Please don’t ask me questions I or anyone for that matter simply cannot answer. I am not psychic, if I was I would know the lottery numbers you are seeking and use them for myself;)

***I do not agree to everything, so please know just because you are willing to pay for a service does not mean I will agree to do it.****

I am happy to help if I can:) If you would like to further inquire please email me.