Finding Your Patron Deity (Or…who the heck do I want to worship and work with?)

Such a great post! Thank you so much for sharing this and writing about this topic so well. Although I personally do not honour or have patron/matron saints or any Gods or Goddesses, (but! Never say never!) I get asked this question a lot and because my belief is different from this I really struggle with answering this correctly. A LOT of people do and really struggle with this and finding deity can be discouraging for some, this post will be re-affirming and comforting for those who are seeking.

Hestia's Servant

cherry blossoms

What I love about writing my blog: people ask me amazing questions that make me think. I need more of this! Lovely Cupcake Witch asked me the other day about discovering Patron Deities, and in answering her, I figured out that I had a lot more to say than the lengthy reply I was in the midst of creating.

It’s obviously no secret that I am completely dedicated to my Hestia, my Patron Goddess. Innately, I am a person of hospitality, home, service, and family. These things are very important to me. I am also “Complete in and of myself.” I like having my husband around…and I really do love him a lot; but we were a military family for an inordinate amount of time and he was gone more often than he was around. I choose to have him in my life…but I honestly don’t *need* him (in an…

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