The Witch

a1Welcome to my sacred place, where magic and mystery is my way of life. A place to explore, dream and wish big. It is always and forever autumn in my heart, with the Libra sun and Harvest moon above and the turning earth below. The whistling leaves, crackling fires and the smell of Halloween is always in air. Cards will be read, spells are cast and naps by candlelight will be had.

A little more about me……

Born proud Canadian, raised in a very traditional Eastern European family. It was important to my family to maintain our culture and traditions, to remember what we are made up of and where we come from. I’m grateful for having the chance to spend my summers with my grandmother in Europe, that small village by the Danube River will never be forgotten. Those memories and that way of life and all that she taught me, all that I learned, all that I was a witness to, will always be apart of me.

Since I was very young I have always been drawn to the more mysterious ways of life. I wouldn’t say I was spiritual in that sense, I didn’t even know what that meant all those years ago. Growing up things just felt different for me. Its hard to describe in words, but the seasons would change and I would celebrate in my own small way. I loved and still do love the autumn season and especially Halloween. Something about the air was different, I just felt it! My family thought I was a weirdo and I use to think to myself, you guys are the weird ones, how can you not love the most magical time of year? I felt it with every bone in my body, there was a shift and I loved it.

Come September I was already decorating my bedroom with bats, pumpkins, ghosts and witches out of construction paper. Collecting leaves, rocks, sticks, snail shells, pine cones, acorns and of course walnuts! Anything that mother nature left behind, I accepted as a gift.  Luckily we had a forest in front of our home and I was in there all the time, playing, hiding, watching the animals.

This is the time I believe where my journey began…… all those years ago.