Necromancy Basic Guide

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I have wanted to write this post for awhile and each time I sat down to continue writing I was hit by a big fat no. I actually don’t write or journal notes for my blog, I just keep drafts on my online folder. But in this instance I had made a few pointers on paper and it kept going missing. At first I thought it was funny, obviously someone didn’t want me to even get to write it in my drafts, let alone hit the publish button. So finally here we are and here we go….

Necromancy can be worked in so many ways and it is a personal journey for everyone. I suppose this post is geared towards the beginner Witch and maybe just some general interest on how I do things.

In its most basic and simply definition Necromancy is a practice of calling forward and working with the dead. It can be specific people, or a general energy you are looking to work with.

Why would someone not have or not want to work with someone specific? Perhaps you don’t know of anyone that has passed that can help you manifest/influence in your favor what you need in this realm. Or perhaps you are just looking to have a chat… There are easier ways to go about that… anyway another day another post.

For example… You may need some heavy duty legal work and need a few judges on your side. Maybe some more healing or help with a pregnancy, so a nurse or midwife. What about going all out and calling up a gang of thugs or murderers. Yep I said it. Everyone has there thing… Revenge is a big one.

Here is a simple break down and I will go through each step:

  1. Protection
  2. Invocation
  3. Offering
  4. Final ritual

Some of you may find that you want to change up the steps so it resonates and works with you. I would strongly suggest you keep Protection as number 1 and the rest can follow in any order that suits you.

  • PROTECTION – A good place to start.. always. Dead people that you don’t normally work with is no joke guys. So make sure to protect yourselves, your work area and other living spaces and bedroom of your home. This is more of an extra step for those of you whom do not practice a lot in your own home. I am always cleansing and protecting, so I don’t make the extra effort to do another round when it comes to this practice. Always start with a shower or bath, no soap or perfumes or lotions. You are not to have any scent on you. More on this point later.

A protection method we use is a combination of vervain and rosemary sprigs dusted with black salt. These sprigs are worn on our heads and blended through our hair. I rarely if ever cast circles, but if you feel you want to, this would be a good blend to use in addition to wearing it.

Depending on how dark you go, you can take it one step further and use masks. We use masks a lot, for obvious reasons to hide our appearance and avoid eye contact. We don’t use traditional masks, although you can. Instead we use burdock leaves that have been foraged from the bottom of the stem over the 3 nights of the dark moon.

These are then attached together by stem and string and placed upon our heads so the leaves cover the front, back and both sides. This can be a bit difficult to work with, but if you are concerned with what you are calling forward, a little annoyance can be tolerated.

  • INVOCATION – I want to remind you that when you call out to one of the dead, all of them can hear you. Does not matter how specific you are, you get what you get. This isn’t supermarket witchcraft where you pick what you want. Whatever good intentions you may have, its never a guarantee.

During your invocation, this is the time you would state your purpose, wishes, desires and call upon the specific person or generalized dead population to help you out. Basically this is the act of calling forward the dead, offering them a beacon of light to follow and come to you. Keeping one candle on is sufficient.

You would do this through either a verbal or written petition. A personalize prayer or a meditation. This is now when the “ritual” has begun. You can include photos or other wares and trinkets that would be aligned with your person or people.


  • OFFERINGS – Now is the time to prepare and present your libation and offerings. Usually a plum brandy for the libation and the other is a combination of a few ingredients.
  1. Burnt sprigs of yew
  2. Your own blood
  3. Sugar
  4. Milk or colostrum
  5. Gold or silver (optional)

Mix this all together, just keep it more on the thick side, because you will also be anointing yourself later with it. Once it is mixed, you can leave this out on your altar and speak a few words of your choice and let them know this is for them a gift. A part of you.

A few inexpensive ways to obtain and use gold for offerings is by acquiring old tea cups that have gold plated rims and old jewelry. You can break these up into smaller pieces and you will have enough to last you awhile. You can always find these cheap at garage sales or antique shops.

  • Final Ritual – This is the part where a bit more ceremony comes into play and you will anoint yourself with the offering you left and create a portal.

Place a mirror laying flat on the surface of your altar, with your left index finger you will draw the number “0 zero” onto the mirror with the blood offering you prepared earlier. NOT the letter O. There is a difference. For us we use the number “0” to represent the void between the living and the dead. However it is only meant to be used by them to pass in and out of.

On our body we will mark the number “1 one” on our third eye and chest bone. If you are wearing the burdock leaf, mark it on the leaf. For us the number “1” represents the human/living realm.

At this point you can move onto your automatic writing, meditation, candle gazing, mirror gazing to continue your visit with the other side to get your answers and guidance you are looking for.

Once you are done, thank them, and wipe away the “0” from the mirror, flip it over and blow out your candle.

The entire offering is then removed from the home. You can keep it outside your home, but it cannot stay inside. This includes the candle you used. As for the mirror, keep it covered when not in use. Try sticking with only using that mirror for this type of work.

Finally you must shower or bathe and when you do, this is when you will cover yourself in your usual scents. This helps confuse them since your scent is not the same and if something is still lingering.

Good night,

Slavic Witch



7 thoughts on “Necromancy Basic Guide

  1. I love the idea of washing your sent away to create a detachment from the sprits and confusing attachment! Most women do have a lingering signature sent of perfume/lotion. I can also see clearly how that trail of smells might fallow the worker of the casting to linger and possibly spoil the results. Thank you for your tools of wisdom!

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  2. This is very very cool I really enjoyed that because recently my best friend passed away unexpectedly. And it was around that time I just had this old mirror and I started designing and creating making it really cool and I thought well I’ll make this my mirror you know cuz I do a lot of scrying. But as I was bringing it together the thought occurred to me that it was my way where I can visit and communicate with him and and ask his advice and yell at him for leaving me and I feel truly alone in the world now. But since I started this mirror and I feel a little less alone and like I said all your post inspire me thank you so much!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I really have. Its nice theres others like me out there. I dont understand a lot if this new age crap. Even though im solitary, i find great comfort with you. Thank you again.

        Liked by 1 person

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