Love & Witchcraft Calling Bullshit on Soul Mates

love-witchcraft-calling-bullshit-on-soul-mates.pngOh February…. a month filled with the promise of Love and heartache.

I was prompted to write this today because last night a dear friend of mine confided in me that his wife had just left him. Not due to infidelity but rather personal circumstances on her end. Not the news I was expecting to hear from him and I am certain he wasn’t expecting it either. Many tears followed and the constant deafening question of why and how?

Why didn’t I see this, why didn’t I know, why didn’t she talk to me, why why why? How could she, how will I move on, how will I get her back?

Ultimately… who the fuck the really knows, but her? He may never know the whys and hows and that is just something he will have to endure and he will. In times of such heartache, acts of desperation usually follow. Love can make you do some crazy shit. I think we can all agree on that.

My most requested work is about love, getting it, keeping it or breaking it. We all want to be loved, wanted and desired. These are feelings that cannot be provoked by a third party or bought. Yes I can help ease your pain, help clear the path for open communication and remove obstacles. But to make someone love you??? That is not love. Love is organic. No different than a secret lover that wants her man to hate his wife. These are major emotions that cannot be forced upon someone.

Its time to accept, surrender and learn to let go. Do this for you. To carry a burden so great, so heavy, so painful is more than anyone should have to bear. But we do, we all have. This is something we all have in common. We have all shared a broken heart and its fucking painful and time stands still. We cannot possibly imagine our life being full again.

Often people reference their lost love as a soul mate or twin flame and that is the reason they continue to chase their own tails. To work endlessly to “win” them back.

I call bullshit on this. Do I believe that this person was/is your soulmate? Sure I do. But I also believe we have many soulmates. Some we will meet and love and some we may never know in this lifetime. Some will stay and some will go, and some of us will have the same one our whole life.

Love is meant to be easy, uncomplicated. It shouldn’t hurt and it shouldn’t be hard or a challenge to keep. Let them go and give yourself a break and wipe those tears and snot off your face and start loving yourself again.

Love yourself hard. I don’t mean having bubble baths, I mean doing all the things you love and surrounding yourself with people you love and that love you back. Be your best self, take care of yourself physically and spiritually. Start living a happy life. Wear your favorite things, go to your favorite places, play your music loud. And no sappy crap either.

Loving yourself this way, will heal you and only you can ultimately do that. And when you least expect it, love will knock on your door once again.

Slavic Witch


17 thoughts on “Love & Witchcraft Calling Bullshit on Soul Mates

  1. You are sooo right…I’m facing a crossroads again with my spouse of over 20 frustrating lonely years…its juz time to let go and it hurts but….fuck the rat badtard!!

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  2. I’m fortunate to have a husband that really resonates with me. I would say we are indeed soulmates, but it just sounds so….cliche? Cheesy? Oh well, I like cheese.

    When I first met my husband back in high school, I knew him by scent. I knew him by….feel. When I was younger, I would fantasize about my future boyfriend, but I never saw his face or heard his voice. I could only smell his scent in my mind, and this weird hippie redneck boy I met in weight training had that same scent. And we both immediately felt like we’ve known each other for a LONG time.

    That doesn’t mean we trusted each other immediately, or that we didn’t have our doubts about each other. For those first couple weeks, I would question myself at night, wondering if I really like his wet sloppy kisses. I certainly do. Almost a decade later, we still can’t stand each other half the time. We go from snuggling each other, sharing inside jokes in our own special language, to throwing rocks at each other. But that’s just how we are. If one of us left, the other would probably hunt them down with a dull machete and a box of chocolates.

    I certainly believe we have multiple soulmates. Personally, I believe everyone we meet in this life could be considered a “soulmate” in one way or another; your mother in this life could be your child in another life. My mom certainly acts like a child. But we’re talking about romantic soulmates, sexual soulmates, and some people may have none. Or many. We ain’t all destined for wedlock in this life, while some may be destined for a harem of lovers.

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  3. See this is exactly why i enjoy you s o very much and share you with my daughters. You keep it real! Teenagers are hard uhg…
    Thank you so much for your honesty and straightforwardness! You so totally rock!

    ” a woman that requires no validation is the most feared woman in the world ”

    Someday i would love to meet you! So much in common. Your sence of humor and the way you word things cracks me up and sometimes moves me to tears.
    Thank you. In my dark and unforgiving life you shine!

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      1. No my friend. It is you that inspires. My world has been very dark for a long long time. Paying the piper i suppose. You remind me so much of myself. Ive lost me, but reading your blog and absorbing your insight brings me back. Thank you.

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