Expectations & Witchcraft

expectations26witchcraftHello Everyone!

It has been a minute, I know I know…. I didn’t intend to stay away for as long as I have. Wish I could say there was some big reason… There isn’t.. Honestly I’ve just been living life behind the scenes.

After my 40 days of mourning, I had a TON of work to follow up on and emails. Slowly but surely I got through them. Along with the holidays and birthdays, one day turns into a week and so on…

I wanted to start the first blog post of the year talking about life expectations and expectations placed on me as a Witch using my craft to help fulfill these expectations.

Whatever your life circumstances, dreams, wants, desires and wishes you have are yours to manifest. Not mine. I am here to help give a push in the right direction, going through life relying on others in such a way that is quite frankly unhealthy.

These things we all want and wish for, it is up to us to do the work and continue on with our lives. Do not expect others to do all the work for you. Its your life, so make it happen. Put in the work, time and effort.

How are you going to make this year a year you are proud of and happy about? What are the next steps you will take on your own?

Slavic Witch





7 thoughts on “Expectations & Witchcraft

  1. So nice to hear from you. Hopefully this will be a good year for all of us. Last year was quite brutal, for me anyway.
    I totally understand what you are saying about doing your own work & for 1 need to get my head n heart straight & get back to working on my own little world.
    Thank You for your words help & time. Peace and blessed be

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  2. Happy Imbolc and glad to see you back! I’ve been completely absent from the blog as well & from all the witchy things a little bit as well. Life gets busy and at different times we need to conccentrate on different things. Imbolc is my favorite sabbat and I didn’t even celebrate, I’m a little bummed but I just can’t do it all. This year I’m all about takiing action, I’ve been sitting and making excuses for too long. I finally have the motivation and the will. All the lessons from the last year are a great help 🙂

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