Descend Into Dark Self-Love

Dark Self Love….. This is our internal phone call that keeps ringing… all too often left unanswered. Dark self love is still a form of expression that we owe to ourselves.

I want to be perfectly clear I am not encouraging self harming/destruction etc… I also want you to consider the aftermath of dark self love… do not put yourself in a difficult position that you find yourself struggling because of the need to act on impulse. We all still need to eat and have a place to sleep. The point to following this is to feel good…. not get stressed.

I am talking about using this dark half of the year to follow your impulses… General debauchery is a nice way to feed the growl that rumbles inside.

  • Spend a little more money on yourself – be materialistic and selfish.
  • Married? Flirt more.. build sexual tension, talk dirty…
  • If you are single… the world is your oyster. Just don’t forget the condoms.
  • Buy yourself flowers… nice ones.
  • What about that tattoo you have been wanting? A piercing? Both?
  • Treat yourself to fresh hair colour, blow outs, new shampoo and lotions.
  • Smoke that one cigarette, smoke a joint, drink that extra glass of wine… have that last shot.
  • Treat yourself to one night away at a hotel
  • Have that conversation, say what you need to
  • Make a new friend and get rid of an old one.

Whatever it is that is calling to you during these dark months…. say yes. Answer that call.


15 thoughts on “Descend Into Dark Self-Love

  1. I love this concept a lot. Also, thank you for the disclaimer to not go overboard into destructive. Too many people (myself included, at times) take the “treat yourself” mantra into the realm of “overdraw your bank account.” Not very loving, dark or otherwise!

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  2. Thank you, I have found myself sinking into worse areas not destructive to myself with physical harm just mentally beating myself up. I did go out and spent money on myself with a new outfit yet felt guilty when I got home with it knowing it is a time of giving not taking. 😦 I am better most days than in the previous dark months praying the new year will bring me happiness beyond my expectations. I wish you the best during this holiday season and the coming new year. 🙂

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    1. You cannot take care or give to others unless you take care of yourself first. Don’t ever feel guilty about that. Everyone deserves to put themselves above all others. No one should ever skip to the front of your line. Glad you enjoyed the post 🖤🖤🖤

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  3. As I know that you are very busy and not taking on any more work until after the New Year, would you have a suggestion for someone other than you that I may trust to provide me with additional work? I want someone I can trust as I do you so that I am assured that I am not dealing with unsavory characters in the field of spells and such? I have tried to search myself with no luck other than scammers using my situation and emotions to take my hard earned limited funds from me. thank you and have a blessed day. 🙂


  4. Thank you. I purchased the spell for when you are able to help me and I trust you completely. I have time and that’s what most have told me as well as you to have patience which I’m doing my best to learn to have more. Have a Blessed day. ❤️


  5. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. The online witchcraft community is far too often an untrustworthy one, but your blog seeps authenticity. I find that highly encouraging and inspiring. Thank you for that. Looking forward to whatever comes next.

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