Ring The Ghost Chimes

bbRe-Post with slight adjustments from last years post due to lunar work done prior to this.

Its Friday! The end of our first week! Whatever you didn’t do this week, maybe you can find the time this weekend.

I hope you have enjoyed the posts so far. Since its Friday, I know you are tired, its been a long week and you want to put your feet up! Today’s post is a quickie! Oh and what card did you pull today?

Lets move to the inside of our homes and hang our ghost chimes and bells. The purpose of the ghost chimes is to let you know if someone has come to say hello, or… you are rattling it yourself to let your presence be known and raise vibration. Its like a warning/reminder that “hey….I’m here”  But since we did a full moon ritual last night to invite our guides and loved ones to our homes, this is a nice way for them to say hello.

We always had these in our home hung around different places and always immediately after someones death! It was a way for us to know if our loved ones were still with us. Some were handmade from simple sticks and others we purchased along the way. Nothing fancy or expensive, you can make your own from nature or pick one up at the dollar store. Seriously guys don’t put a lot of money into the chimes, they just need to work.

I like to keep one by my altar and I keep 2 more in different areas of our home where things have gone “bump” in the night.

This is as simple as it sounds, hang the chimes inside and not near a window unless you know for absolute certainty it’s draft free. Be clever about it and fit it into your decor so it doesn’t look out of place to guests. Keep it hung in a corner with a plant underneath or attach to the underside of a bookshelf. When you run your hands through it, it will raise the vibrations around you and help keep your space clear. But it will also tell you when someone unexpected has come to visit.

Bells, we also kept and still do keep near the front door so whenever we enter our home we ring it. Its easy to do, keep the bell where you throw down your keys/purse/wallet. If its easier, attach them to your door so on the way in they will simply ring.

Start hanging those ghosts chimes and bells! Perhaps you will get a surprise tonight! Lets just hope they won’t wake you in the middle of the night. These types of visitors have a poor sense of timing and don’t typically take into consideration that we are sleeping. So you might wake up quite startled, you’ll get use to it. Eventually.

Good Luck and have a wonderful weekend! Its Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada, lots of cooking and napping and nature walks to be had. No post on Monday, its family time for me.

Have a hauntingly good weekend!


9 thoughts on “Ring The Ghost Chimes

  1. I REALLY enjoyed your post about Ghost Chimes. I want to create some! I’m a NEW Ghost Artist and always looking for inspiration. Thank you for sharing and best wishes always!

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