Graveyard Summoning

graveyardsummoningWelcome back. I hope you are all enjoying the series so far. For those looking for an easy way to summon spirit either on your own or with someone else this is the time of year that will quench that curious thirst.

Ideally you will want to make your way to a graveyard this sounds so cliche I know. But there are just oodles of dead people everywhere. You will need to go after dark and you will need two good sized rocks. The size of your palm.

Don’t forget to bring an offering to leave behind. Once you enter the graveyard and you choose an area that you want to work in, begin to draw a circle in a counter clockwise motion. Then move on to walking the circle backwards in a counterclockwise motion 3 times.

You can stand, sit or lie down. Take your 2 rocks and strike them together hard 3 times. That spark you create is all the light you need to bring them to you. You wont even have to ask.

At this point you just need to hold still, it won’t take long. This would be a good opportunity to use a spirit board if that is your thing. Automatic writing would be fun as well. Or just a good old fashion seance. I always recommend using white mugwort for any type of summoning work. So if you have some available, this will definitely help enhance your experience.

To finish your work, walk your circle frontwards in a clockwise motion 3 times. Do not “undraw the circle” simply step out and you are good to go.

Have fun, and don’t forget to leave an offering on the way out and leave the rocks as well.

Slavic Witch


8 thoughts on “Graveyard Summoning

  1. Dear Sister of the Moon,
    I participated in your Halloween New Moon Ritual last evening. It felt like a sacred fit for me, as I have been a Solitary for barely a year now so I am actively learning/building my craft. Your posts are of great value to me; please keep sharing your wisdom! I am looking forward to deepening my senses and skills.
    Blessed Be,

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  2. I love & look forward to reading your posts. Yes I’m enjoying your series, thank you for being so open. I learn much from you & appreciate your efforts. Blessed Be sister.

    Liked by 1 person

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