Halloween New Moon Ritual

halloween new moonritualHalloween New Moon(October 8th) the dark night that blankets the sky and meets us at our feet. Commonly new moon rituals are adorned with candle light a beacon in the dark. A time to set things right, to start new. I have talked a little on here that New Moon work for me and in our tradition is commonly used as a resting time.

If we are not resting, then we work with the darkness and use it to shield our work. We use it to summon and visit with energy that is not for the faint of heart. I would encourage you to think about the New Moon and how that might work for you.

From now and well into November we easily walk among spirits. It does not take much work at all to summon them to you.

Tonight’s ritual is to honor the dark moon and all things unseen, to open our hearts to the darkness to keep a balance within us. You choose the darkest place you can find, whether that is in your home or outside. You will need only yourself a bell of some kind and your chosen ritual drink. If you are doing this inside you will need a bowl as well to pour your ritual drink into.

**note** if you have dried white mugwort, burn this as a loose incense. But not necessary.

Draw your magic circle, square or triangle and place yourself inside your ritual space. Begin by ringing your bell 3 times. Lean forward in a prayer position as if you are preparing to kiss the ground. Except you are laying your third eye onto the ground. The best way for me to describe this movement is almost like a “childs pose, or an extended puppy pose” The other option is to sit on your knees back straight and then create a slight back bend backwards, so your third eye is pointing up.

Hold this position and be conscience of your breath and allow yourself to be fully open to the darkness and what messages you receive. Take 9 deep long breaths in and let it out your mouth. Come out of the position and then begin again. Repeat this process 9 times. Go slow, go easy and enjoy this process. Do not let the fear of darkness that surrounds you set in. You will hear or may see things. You may even hear something talking to you. Receive and accept these messages.

Once you are done, have a drink from your ritual cup and then share it with the earth by pouring the rest out.

Be at peace this dark night, may your dreams be plentiful and your messages clear.

Slavic Witch



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