New Moon Fasting & Purification

New Moon Fasting & PurificationOctober Dark Moon will soon let the stars shine a bit brighter. I have a post coming up on Sunday for a New Moon ritual, I haven’t decided yet if I will do it, because I will be doing a New Moon Fast. The hardest part about it is that its Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

It worked out that we are hosting on Saturday which gives me the rest of the long weekend to start my fast. Which will begin on Sunday and finish on Tuesday. I don’t recommend fasting for everyone, its definitely not for everyone. And you don’t have to fast for 3 days, one day is good. And it takes time to work up to 3 days of fasting. I definitely do not advise it for your first attempt and if you are not sure, please speak to your doctor.

Its a time for renewal, shedding some skin and most importantly purification. I have a very strong calling to do this now. I wasn’t even going to talk about my fasting at all, but thought perhaps it might resonate with someone else as well. I like to use the dark moon as a time of rest, so it is fitting for me to fast during that time since I am not exerting a lot of energy and most of the time I will be at home.

I am not fasting for any sort of “trendy health” crap that is going around. Nor for weight loss it simply comes right back. I do it for the spiritual benefits that I personally achieve from it. It is a time for me to really look inside myself and cleanse myself emotionally and prepare for the cold dark half of the year. I spend a lot of time in meditation and I find that during this time my heart is wide open and receiving.

It is a very personal journey and experience. One that is difficult to put into words, and best to experience for yourself.

Wishing you all a bright weekend! To my fellow Canadians celebrating with thier families, Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Slavic Witch






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