Autumn Equinox Ritual Doll

autumn equinox ritual dollHere we are approaching the weekend of the equinox and I have really slowed down and taken time to enjoying the changing seasons.

I have been working on my Autumn ritual doll for a couple weeks now and this weekend she will become part of me and live on my altar until the spring equinox.

These dolls can be made of any material that feels right for you and represents you the best as you head into the last chapter. She is meant to give you comfort and be with you during a time when naturally we start to look inwards and prepare to be more still and take solace in the quiet time.

doll2Think about what the doll means for you? Are you looking to gain something, shed something or maybe you are not sure yet? That is absolutely okay, you can start constructing your doll and add to it and work with her, be with her when you feel called to. Its not uncommon to keep adding to your doll during the cold months and change her to suit your needs. The idea is that she mirrors you, and if you cannot make her mirror you, then you make her what you need her to be for you.

For example, when the time came to start my doll I knew instinctively that I would make her from roots. My roots have been my main focus lately and I plan on really just letting myself go and enjoy the ride.

The roots I used are:

  • Peony root for the main body
  • shredded burdock root for the bottom half
  • Bleeding heart root for the arms
  • Blood root which is attached to the front that represents my heart
  • wolfsbane root for my hair
  • beeswax for my head – a couple different herbs were kneaded into it.
  • blood-root and hawthorns for my crown.
  • Tucked underneath my bottom half is the left spur of a crow. (more on that detail coming up in another post.)

doll1Each time I work with her, I add a little more wax to her head and smooth it over and over with my thumbs. I do this while in meditation, during cleansing and ritual.

Hopefully this has inspired you to consider your own equinox doll. Think about how you would bless her and how you will prepare her in final ritual over the weekend. It is all about you, enjoy the process and follow your instincts.

Have a wonderful autumn weekend,

Slavic Witch


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