Witchcraft Altar Water – Recipe Included

witchcraft-altar-water.pngHappy Friday! Hope you have all been enjoying the summer weather, or winter weather depending on the hemisphere.

I posted a video on my Altar Salt recipe and one of the items I used in it was a blessing water and a received messages asking what it was. Its an all purpose altar water, same as the salt. I use it for everything. Yes there are specific oils and all that stuff to use and make which I do. But this is a staple, sort of like making bread… you need flour, water, yeast, salt eggs the basics to make it work. This is part of the basics, at least for me.

The water is made up of several different types of waters that have been collected throughout the year. Unfortunately you can’t make this water tonight, but you can start collecting the water you need now and save it for later.

Witchcraft Altar Water Recipe:

  1. Spring rain
  2. Summer Thunder storm rain
  3. Fall rain
  4. Winter Snow storm
  5. Spring Equinox rain OR living water
  6. Autumn Equinox rain or living water
  7. Summer Solstice rain or living water
  8. Winter Solstice Snow or living water
  9. Dried heal all/self heal we call it Earths Flower.
  10. Iris root also known as orris root.
  11. Small amount of alcohol, I use rakia can be called slivovitz in some regions. Its a fruit brandy made from plums. You can use just straight vodka.

Other than the alcohol substitute mentioned, no other substitutes here, sorry. Once you have collected your waters. You can start combining them, make sure you collect enough that you can keep making more throughout the year as needed.

The purpose of the water is to anoint, and dress yourself your tools and your work. It protects and cleanses and acts as a shield for you. Use it to consecrate tools, during home cleansing and blessings. It really is an all purpose go-to, just like the salt. Lastly it adds power, this water has excellent energy and while you prepare it and collect it, talk to it and it will do as you will.

***UPDATE*** I meant to mention this when I originally wrote this. This is our specific recipe in our tradition. This is why I say no substitutes. However, let this inspire you and work with what makes sense for you in your region. Or work specifically with seasons you are most aligned with.

You read more about Altar Salt here and here

Slavic Witch


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