Reversing Evil Eye Spell

reversing evil eye spellEvil Eye has a way of toying with your fears, emotions and even day to day life.  In some cases its like a revolving door, one shuts and another one opens. The belief in the Evil Eye lays far and wide, the name may vary in different parts of the world, but with its roots steeped superstition, folklore and cursing its a common belief that many of us share and can agree on.

Evil Eye is something that can be so simple that people are not even aware that they are projecting it onto others. Jealousy plays a huge part here, anger in the heat of the moment and then there is the down right on-purpose-nasty glare.

Often symptoms are mild to medium and appear as slight disturbances, irritations, annoyance, onset of general clumsiness, forgetfulness. Keep in mind when they do appear, it is out of the ordinary for you, and happens multiple times in short bursts. You may even find yourself saying…. “Why did I do that?” “How could I have forgotten?” You’ll find yourself shaking your own head in wonder.

These are also the beginning stages of what is perhaps yet to come, it its very possible for things to progress.

These are only a few Examples:

  • Tripping going UP a stairway without any obvious reason.
  • Having to go back home to get something you have forgotten and you NEED it.
  • Small fender-bender from a minor distraction with no injury that was totally avoidable…
  • Onset of waking up multiple times, but always fall asleep again. However your sleeping time is short. Leaving you not well rested and irritable.
  • Making minor mistakes with money such as paying the wrong bill, wrong amounts or missing it entirely.

I could go on, but I think you have the general idea.

You will need:

  1. Tall candle
  2. Something to carve the symbol, I use a sewing pin
  3. Mirror
  4. Locust thorns, or other thorns
  5. black salt
  6. Vipors bugloss (optional, I know this is not a common ingredient for most)
  7. Dried ivy instead of or in addition to the bugloss. *side note* don’t keep live ivy plants in your home. Evil little plant.
  8. Altar salt

Prepare your candle with 9 inscribed eyes, each time you are doing this you need to be clear on your intent to send back the eye. Most times it is not known from whom it is coming from. This is also because sometimes people don’t know they have sent it to you.

  1. Dress the candle with the bugloss, ivy and black salt. You will see like in the photo it will fill in your eye symbols.
  2. Place your candle and surround it with a combination of black salt and altar salt.
  3. Insert 9 Thorns on the back of the candle, exactly behind the eyes
  4. Last place your mirror behind the candle so the reflection is the thorns, not the eyes. Make sense? You don’t want the image of the eyes reflecting in the mirror.
  5. Light your candle and do not blow it out until it is done. If it goes out before it have burned through the 9 eyes, light it again. Afterwards you need to bury all of it away from your property. I’ve talked a bit about that here .

This can be repeated as often as you feel you need it. You can also incorporate this into your general practice and keep a prepared Evil Eye candle on your altar at all times and light it each time you sit at your altar or even just in a sacred space and during meditation.

The Slavic Witch


5 thoughts on “Reversing Evil Eye Spell

  1. Growing up I never met anyone who actually believed in the evil eye…I remember going to school and mentioning it and people would look at me weird lol…interesting post! Thank you!

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