Research, Explore & Experience Witchcraft Your Way

research, explore & experience witchcraftI have to say I have been working on this post for sometime now and kept going over it again and again, trying to keep it short and to the point. This post is dedicated for new Witches that are not sure where or how to begin.

I get a lot of questions about where to begin, what do I do, how do I do it? what do I read, who do I talk too? How do I know if its right, wrong, real and genuine. Here is my answer…..

One thing I was taught from childhood from my grandmother was this…. Every Witches path is different, what you are meant to learn you will be taught, and the lessen will present itself to you. Its important not to force yourself to learn and accept something that does not resonate or make sense to you. After all, you are the only one walking your path it has to be right for you.

Intuition is a good starting point, working on trusting your gut and not questioning it is a lesson we have all learned now and again. And the answer has always been….. “I knew I should’ve _______ or shouldn’t have_______”

Sometimes it can be doing the smallest thing differently like using a different door than you normally do. Just do it, go through the door, doesn’t matter why.  The fact that you noticed and acknowledged this slight deviation means you are following your intuition. Somehow and someway you have received a message that you may not have actually heard or seen, but your body and heart knew what to do and it nudged you.

Work on it, focus on your mediation and opening your 3rd eye this will also help strengthen your connection with your intuition.

Read far and read wide, not everything will make sense and some will sound like total bullshit and a lot of it can be. If you don’t like it, put it down and move on. Its very possible that now is not the time for you to learn and understand that component of the craft. It just might present itself to you later and finally peak your interest and make sense to you. Or not and that’s okay.

Don’t be shy to ask questions, lots of them and think on it before you decide anything. Sometimes you might know right away if its right for you or not. Ask a few different sources to learn other perspectives of the subject.

Journaling is a wonderful and easy way to keep track of all the progress you are making. The research you do, things you learn, questions you have… log it all. Its your own personal reference to go back to time and time again. See how far you have come, all this information can quickly become overwhelming and by writing it down you have control over it. Learning how your favorite plants grow from seedlings, see how you become attached to them. Maybe you will find you are more inclined to work with crystals or various forms of divination. Whether you like it or not, write it down and why. Always include the why.

When talking about journals I am not talking about “insta” and “pinterest” perfect grimores/book of shadows. As pretty as they are, not exactly practical for day to day Witch life. Focus on the guts of the craft first, pretty aesthetics do not make better Witches.

On that note…try not to compare yourself or create your craft based on unrealistic images online. These images are for the purpose of entertainment, yes they are beautiful and inspiring at times but can also be intimidating to the new Witch.

Correspondences…… there is soooooo much information on this stuff and it will be one of the first things you will run into as soon as you start reading. Not just that, a lot of it is contradicting, that does not make one right or wrong. You have to decide for yourself what something means to you. No one or no book has the authority to tell you what colours/crystals/plants/days anything mean to you. The scent, touch and energy of a red rose can mean very different things to two different people. Of course please read them and decide for yourself.

For example: red roses commonly correspond with love. But what if your mother loved red roses and she died and her funeral was all red roses because they were her favorite. That association of love with a red rose has changed for you. So if you are doing love work, a red rose may not inspire feelings of love, so use something else that does!

Thyme is used all the time in the Slavic craft in-fact its a very popular tool in our tradition. But I will be damned if I use that stuff on a regular basis. I hate it, always have. Holds no good vibes for me at all. So if I am working on darker matters and need to project those type of feelings I will include it. Others would call me crazy and not agree. So you see correspondences are a tricky thing, no one can really say for certain what one thing really is suppose to do magically.

Ask yourself why? Why do I want to do this?  What will I gain from this? How will this improve my life?

Next time you go to your local library pick up books from various authors and not just from one common religion or type of craft. Think outside the box. If working with Gods and Goddesses is something you might like, maybe start with Greek mythology? Or Hindu Gods & Goddesses there is a plethora of options on that topic alone.

I wish you luck on your journey.

I’ve included a few links of past posts that might help as well.

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9 thoughts on “Research, Explore & Experience Witchcraft Your Way

  1. For many people, one of the first steps will be to re-write society’s programming of … you must be nuts if you hear voices, ‘see’ entities or energies, or get visits from your dead ancestors. Remember you stand on their shoulders, and 95% of them have your best interest at heart. All families have their scoundrels.
    Working your muscles to increase clarity of your visualizations will carry you along your journey.

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  2. Oh, where was this when I was starting out? If I had known then that I didn’t have to follow everything I read to the letter, perhaps my journey would have been a bit smoother! Such great advice and you explain it so well and in such a straight-forward, easy to understand way.

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  3. Reblogged this on The Cupcake Witch and commented:
    I’m not much on reblogging things, because my blog is basically a diary so I tend to keep it personal and share things on Twitter or Facebook if something moves me. But this is SO IMPORTANT for new witches (and is even a good reminder for those who’ve been practicing for a while). I cannot recommend this post enough.


  4. Thank you! Everything you write has something in it for everyone. Lately I’ve been feeling totally off. I haven’t been able to read, study, write, focus, or practice/cast anything! I don’t know what is going with me. I’m feeling lost. What should I do to get myself back on path? Life has gotten complicated n stress is taking me to a low place. Any ideas? Thanks for all you writing. Blessed Be

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    1. I think most importantly is to not force anything and trust that you need this break. Focus internally being solace and keep at least a daily practice of meditation and gratitude in place. No matter how small . You will get out of it, you just have to give yourself time and space and you will be just fine. We all go through it.


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