Crushed Terracotta – The Underdog Of Protection

crushed terracottaCrushed Terracotta is definitely the underdog of protection and often forgotten and not used. It is labor intensive and I will say this is not my favorite thing to prepare, but it must get done so here we are.

I remember ever summer when I got to my grandmothers the last thing I wanted to see after a long flight was a pile of terracotta in the corner of her yard with my name All.Over.It. It was this ongoing joke every time I walked by someone they would ask me if their terracotta was ready because they all knew it was my job. And when it ran out, it ran out until I came back! You can imagine how many pots and tiles I was hammering and grinding away. But still good memories.

Crushed terracotta is made from roof tiles or pots, each of the pieces are inscribed with various letters, numbers, symbols etc that reflect the family that requests it. It is common to add other ingredients to enhance the work based on specific wants and needs. But not always necessary. Often its just the crushed terracotta that is prepared with repetitive incantations in ritual and with love.

bSnakes are very highly regarded in our craft and are considered a very good omen if found on your property, they offer an abundant amount of protection. When they shed their skins, we marry the two together and the skins would also be left for me to prepare.

The terracotta seen in these photos was prepared and inscribed with personal details for the family. I broke it up, crushed it down and finished it off  with the addition of rue, red geranium and hyssop. This is different for each person, no terracotta is ever prepared the same.  Terracotta is only used for protection on the outside of your family’s property, door ways and window sills. Once it is prepared, the person does not need to do anything else to it other then lightly sprinkle it around their home.

You can find terracotta anywhere even the local dollar store will have small pots. You don’t have to go big, but know that this should be made outside and you will get covered in dust. Pack your patience and a hammer, you’re going to need it.

The Slavic Witch

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