3 Wild Witchcraft Spring Plants

Soon Enough everything starts to come alive again in the spring and why not take advantage of it! Foraging your own plants, flowers and herbs when you can, will save you some money. Plus you get to spend time outside and just be with nature, that in itself is healing. Here I’ve put together my 3 favorite springtime plants that are blooming now and you can re-stock for the year and use them for your magical work until next spring.

awitchhazel1. Witch Hazel – its one of the first to bloom around here. We use this for strength, protection, healing and cleansing. Especially in expecting mothers or women trying to become pregnant.  This plant can take a real beating, but sure enough its the first one blooming and pretty to look at come spring. We also incorporate it in our work for new beginnings, new jobs and clearing work.

awillows_02. Pussy Willow – I loved picking these as a child,they were my absolute favorite. We use these for comfort, good luck, peace and releasing stress & tension. We also kept them in our home on their branches to bring peace into our home for all those living there and those who come and go. We keep a bunch of branches by the door and if we have a visitor, on their way out we give them a small branch to carry with them back to their home. This is an especially protective talisman for children and infants as well. This was also commonly given as a hostess gift in the spring. Even if you are just stopping by for coffee, a few branches meant you wish peace for them and their home.

abirch3. Birch Tree Bark – Spring time you will see quite a bit of bark peeling back from these trees. Please don’t harvest fresh bark, there is plenty that is already shedding that you can take. We use this in our work when we want to dispel fear, cleanse and encourage confidence. We also use this sometimes to hide our work, whatever work you have done, you would wrap it in birch and set it back it another tree that has a hole in it.

There is so much starting to bloom, look around and see what you may need, or may use. think of your favorites and what you use in your magical work for spring. Perhaps whatever you need is already growing in a park, walkway or trail. Just remember whatever you take, leave an offering. And only take what you know you will need and use.

If you are looking for more witchy plants, check out my post on what you can find in your own backward here!

The Slavic Witch

3 thoughts on “3 Wild Witchcraft Spring Plants

  1. Very useful, thank you! In Estonia we use Pussy Willow as a symbol for the Easer and always bring the branches home, we call them willow chicks cause they’re fluffy and cute like little chicks 😀 Birch is my all time favorite tree, when I lived in Italy I was very sad cause there are really few, birches are so magical!

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