Braided Binding Spell

Braided Binding SpellBinding spells are a very easy anyone can do them and there are a lot of ways these can be done. You can perform ritual before hand to amp things up or you can sit at your desk at work and start tying knots. Its really up to you how much ceremony you want to put into it.

This particular binding is created by 9 pieces of thread, braided, knotted with the wick and sealed by fire and finished by candle light. We use 3 and 9 to protect us and the bind.

How to:

  • A candle
  • You will need 9 equal pieces of thread
  • Tie a knot with the thread to the wick
  • Separate the thread by 3 sections
  • Start braiding and as you do state your bind and repeat this until you reach the end of the thread
  • Once you are done, light the thread at the bottom and let it burn the whole way up to the wick
  • Once the candle is burning let it burn until it goes out.
  • Dispose of the remains away from your home.

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If you would like for me to perform this binding for you, please click on the link below.

Braided Binding Spell

Upon purchase please include your email on the Pay Pal Invoice. I will contact you within 24 business hours to confirm I have received your order and review final details with you. Or you can email me at This service is done in ritual and on the day that best corresponds with your desired outcome. Upon completion you will receive a photograph of the work completed. Results are not guaranteed and may vary. No Refunds.


The Slavic Witch

8 thoughts on “Braided Binding Spell

    1. Yes of course. So you have 9 pieces of thread in total. Take the first 3 pieces and move them to the side. Take the next 3 and keep them in the middle and the last 3 off to the other side. So you will now have 3 pieces of thread separated into a small group. Then start braiding. I hope that has helped?


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