5 Magical Binding Plants

5 Magical Binding PlantsHappy Friday Everyone!

Although there is absolutely no sight of spring in the air in my parts and won’t be for quite some time, I still felt compelled to write about living binding green things. Perhaps it is all the sunshine. Binding is a popular option when it comes to spell work. This post is not about binding spells, just vines options you can use for your binds.

Various man-made options work well if you are not looking to take a nature walk.  Threads, yarn, cord etc can be used, but if you prefer working with nature here are the most popular options to work with and these are readily available from spring, well into deep autumn early winter.


Creeping nightshade  

Very common and found growing along fences, even fences in parking lots, trail edges and forest edges. These easily rip out, you won’t need scissors.



Clematis – Very easy to find wild or even in your own garden, or neighbors gardens. Comes in a variety of colors. Delicate flowers, but tough vine, you will need scissors to cut these. These dry well and you can keep these stocked and not worry about them getting brittle and breaking.



Bindweed – can be found in white, white with pink stripes and blue. They are fairly low to the ground easy to find and pull out very easily. Usually in light marsh land, wet lands. Off wooden dock trails along the edges. These can be delicate, but the can make a beautiful bind.



Wild Cucumber – I love these guys, they are beautiful all year round. Even though they are a cucumber, these guys are not really safe to eat. So keep these out of your salads. In fact… keep all these plants out of your salads. These can be found on the forest edges and trails and a little ways in if you go off the beaten path. Can’t miss them and they are around well into winter. So if you need some, they will be there. They have a good vine that will keep, so you can stock up on this one as well and still bind with it in the cold months without it going brittle and breaking.

Dog Strangling Vine 

Again another easy find, along fences, parking lots, waste land, concrete walls. They are everywhere. Invasive for sure! You will need scissors for these. Not my favorite to work with, but that is just my personal feeling on this one.


There are a lot of other binding plant options. Look around and see what grows local to you.


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