Last New Moon – Ultimate Release Spell

blowFinal new moon of the year is upon us. What an amazing time to release it all and send it back into the earth. Whatever you have gone through, held onto, cried over, got angry about or really just held onto to shit you know you shouldn’t and isn’t serving you. Time to clean yourself up and get rid of it. Make space for the New Year, set yourself up so you can start creating the year you want.

Take your time with this one, there is no rush. Start by having a shower or bath with all your favorite products. Dress comfortable and splash on some perfume or cologne, some lip gloss or your favorite earrings. Its important to feel really good about yourself and be fresh when you go to your altar or work space.

Time to set the mood. Start by turning on some of your favorite music that really makes you happy. Doesn’t matter what it is, just keep it a volume that you can still hear yourself breathe and concentrate. If you burn incense light those now, or if you are a smudger, get that going. Clean up your altar space so you have room to work.

You will need in this order:

  1. bowl of water, or snow if you have it available in your area.
  2. 1 lit candle, I use white always, but you can use your favorite color. I don’t mean color by correspondence what you think you should use. I mean your actual favorite color. Otherwise white is good.
  3. Your breath and your hands in an open prayer position
  4. Bowl of earth, enough to just sink your hands into. Sand, dirt, leaves, rocks….

Place this elements in front of you in a row, you will begin with water and end with earth. Go slow, take your time and really pay attention to your emotions. As you sit begin with surrounding yourself in your favorite color light.

  1. Start washing your hands in the water and as you do this, start saying “I wash my hands clean of ………. (insert all your shitty things from the past year hear)” Keep doing this until you feel you can move on.
  2. Move your hands over to the candle and place them far enough above so you feel the heat, but not burn. Start rubbing your hands again in a cleaning motion together. Start saying “I burn away ………( insert what you said in the water bowl. Keep it the same.)” Keep doing this until your hands are completely dry and you can feel them really warming up. Blow out the candle.
  3. Open your hands up into an open prayer position and look at them. These hands have been through a lot. Start using your breath and blow onto your hands and between each breath say “I blow away…… (repeat 1 and 2)” Do this as many times as you like. There is no right or wrong amount of time.
  4. Last…. you will put your hands into the bowl of earth and as you do this really envision the earth pulling it out of you and taking it away. As you do this you will say “I give back to the earth so this may stay dead and buried away….(repeat your words)”

Once you are done you will take the water and the candle and add it to the earth bowl. Find a crossroad, strong moving stream of water or a graveyard and get rid of the contents. If you leave it at a graveyard, leave an offering on the way out at the entrance.

I wish you a beautiful and peaceful New Moon. Let yourself be free of your past and start creating your future.

The Slavic Witch

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