A Witches Guide to Gift Wrapped Elements – ‘Tis the Season of Giving!

‘Tis  the season of gift giving…. Party going, twinkling lights and presents wrapped in shiny paper. Whatever your gift giving needs and wants are this year, why not try and use the elements as your holiday season buying guide!

Think about the person you are buying for, what is the element? What is the opposite of that element? That just might be the cozy thing they need and will love. Here is a little list to help you out for reference.

  • Earth SignsTaurus, Virgo and CapricornOpposite – Air
  • Air SignsGemini, Libra and AquariusOpposite – Earth
  • Fire SignsAries, Leo and SagittariusOpposite – Water
  • Water SignsCancer, Scorpio and PiscesOpposite Fire

Earth gift ideas for Air signs: Wood, plants, wool, metal

  1. A cozy and pretty blanket with some tassles or pom poms
  2. Wooden candle holders, wooden display tray or wooden vase withe some tall twigs.
  3. spring bulbs, its still not to late depending on where you are to plant them. or a woven rattan basket with a flowering plant or dwarf tree for indoors.
  4. what about a really nice set of deep earthy teas with a special cup. Or a really bold coffee selection
  5. how about a gold charm bracelet with a turquoise bling on it.

Air gift ideas for Earth signs: Incense, oils, art

  1. I think the obvious one here is a set of incense sticks, cones and resins. Coupled with a holder or beautiful fire proof bowl for the cones and resins.
  2. Aromatherapy, either a pre-blended selection of oils. Or a few basic oils and a book to get them started on their journey. Or a steam diffuser.
  3. Get creative and frame an array of beautiful birds feathers for them to display
  4. Wind chimes! And to keep it earthy, make them wood ones, what a beautiful sound they make.

Fire gift ideas for Water signs: Candles, iron and lights. 

  1. Candles are a good gift along with a beautiful set of matches and match box.
  2. Cast iron anything!! I mean who doesn’t love cast iron cookware. And its quite popular in red.
  3. Battery operated twinkle lights on a timer. No one is interested in plugging and unplugging.
  4. Spices with some heat or exotic blends in a beautiful box that can be tucked away. It may not be there everyday go to picks. But its nice to have on hand.

Water gift ideas for Fire Signs: Fountains, bath bombs and blue toned geodes

  1. A water fountain is perfect for any home or office. They come in every size and shape.
  2. Luxury bath kits. Include bath bombs, salts and bubbles. Don’t forget the robe and slippers
  3. Foot bath and massager
  4. Blue toned geodes.

If you are looking for a host or hostess gift. Or can’t think of one more thing to get your Mother-in-law? Think about their sign and just maybe something will come to mind.

Happy Gift Giving Everyone!





13 thoughts on “A Witches Guide to Gift Wrapped Elements – ‘Tis the Season of Giving!

  1. Very good ideas. A couple years ago I actually made myself some similar coasters as the ones pictured! And this year I gifted purple ones I made to my Aquarius sis in law.

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