Autumn Equinox – Solitary Witch Ritual




Happy Autumn Equinox! This ritual is a balance ritual a way to honor, respect and connect both sides of oneself. The light, the dark, your shadow self, the love and the sadness. Sometimes we fight so hard against the darker emotions, but why? It’s okay to honor those feelings and keep a balance with the positive ones. Whatever emotions, feelings or situations that are not serving you now, shed them to keep your balance.

c2Ritual can be about following actions to get something in return, and it can also be about being grateful and simply saying thank you. Being accepting of oneself and honoring all parts of us, even the undiscovered parts.



c4I always start with a salt bath, followed by wearing things I love, including scents, jewelry, make up, brushed hair. This is so important to me for ritual to always look and feel my best.  I have light music playing, usually a light drumming in the background. I prefer being barefoot for grounding purposes. I light my altar candles, I follow with a meditation while the drumming take me into a deeper state. I include a personal prayer, and anointing my wrists, tops of my hands and feet from the cut apples. I simply take the cut apple and rub it on.

c1I then light the last ritual candle on both ends. For this particular ritual the candle burns quite fast, so there is no time to waste.  I make sure that I start my candle gazing right away and I stay in that meditative state until the flames become one. At this point your concentration level and focus should be very high, do not waver and stare solely on that flame. I invite any messages or energy that wants to be present to help further guide me on my journey of self love and balance. In these photos you do not see, but I keep a ritual knife behind me. This would be above my head if I was lying down. It’s for protection.

Once the flame has burned out, I leave my offerings outside in my garden. Followed by a rune or card reading and writing in my journal.

I hope this has encourage you to perhaps do a ritual for yourself? A great time to think about what the season means for you, what you want, no longer want and give yourself the gift of balance.


The Slavic Witch


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