My Fellow Witches……

aaAs a Witch it’s so important to support all other Witches. Whether we agree with each other or not.

We all have different practices, paths, beliefs etc…. But fundamentally we come from the same place. A place of understanding magic, the power of manifestation, living in gratitude and a healthy respect for nature. Knowing and accepting that being of the light or darkness doesn’t change that, just makes us real and more attuned to our true calling.

In times like these, who wants more conflict? Who wants to argue? Who wants to always debate? It’s exhausting! Leave that for the rest of the population! But we can show support, solidarity, kindness, acceptance and love to those who need it, ask for it and simply because we want to.

aaLet us stand united in truth and honesty and just be us. Be the true Witches we are, all the colors of us. Together we are a strong foundation in history, we have been burned, hanged, raped and brutally tortured and yet still here we are standing. We have been loved, hated and persecuted for our knowledge and wisdom since the beginning of time.

a06afc4c06dba5f525fe6a498cd62dd7We may light different candles but our flames burn the same, as we work to manifest our hearts desires. When I meet a fellow witch I don’t ask or care about their practice, its really not my business unless they choose to share. I’m just grateful I’ve met another sister or brother. I may be a solitary, but I’m grateful I don’t stand alone. We are bound to have differences and even argue, but let us continue to learn, teach and be accepting to one another.

Witches, may your candles always burn bright and strong. May we always remember at the end of it all, we are the world, the universe and unstoppable.

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