A Witch and A Craft!

s1Im getting that itch for Halloween already, in-fact Im writing this post in late July its +30 outside and muggy. But I’m already dreaming of cooler weather and changing leaves, soooo…….. that says something. Its now August so I think its fair game to start talking autumn and Halloween regularly.

Recently on a lunch break I popped out to the local craft store and to my delight they already had out a few bits and bobs for Halloween. I adore skeletons and I couldn’t resist not taking him home. I keep a few Halloween decorations up throughout the year, and I wanted to add one more.

s3The gilded skeleton! This is so easy, you can get all your supplies at the dollar store or local craft shop. You may even have what you need at home.

You can use any color you like, I prefer a dark gold against black so that’s what I did!


  1. Paint skeleton, I did 3 coats of paint, 15 mins dry time between each coat
  2. Hot glue the skeleton onto framed board, wait 5 minutes………
  3. Hang and enjoy!

That easy! If you are looking for a craft to do, or add a new piece to a wall somewhere, try it.

s1.2I’ve hung it on a wall just by our home office, I see it everyday.

Hope you try it! Happy Witching!


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