Living A Magical Life Everyday

honey bathSmall actions you take throughout your day will raise your vibrations. Allowing the continued flow of positive energy and magic into your home and around you.

First let me start with this…. If you are someone that literally rolls out of bed straight into the shower and out the door, stop that! You need to put yourself first and take 15 minutes for yourself. I don’t care what anyone says, you can make the time. If that means going to bed earlier, and training your body to get up earlier then start!

When you wake up, if you are a tea of coffee drinker get the pot on or pre-program it the night before.

Aroma….stimulate your senses. We simmer lemon and cinnamon sticks almost daily. Keep it on your stove so its always ready to turn on. As you get ready to start your day, the aroma will stimulate positive emotions. Use whatever combination you like.

Daily Gratitude & Offerings…. keep a journal or keep a gratitude jar and write one thing everyday. Read it at the end of the month, trust me, you will smile. Have an area where you give offerings, this is so important. I can remember doing this from such a young age. Its part of our daily routine and never missed, this is a form of gratitude. You can do this when you are preparing your breakfast or dinner, put aside a small amount of whatever you are cooking. That will be your offering. Wherever you choose to leave it, say a few words at that moment, connect with your guides or energy around you. Tap into that for a few moments. Its very simple and fast. I personally like to do this first thing in the morning.


Practice giving, but not expect anything in return. This is so simple, even if you buy coffee for the person behind you in the drive thru. Help out a work mate, plug through their paperwork for 5 minutes to give them a push. It doesn’t have to be monetary and doesn’t have to take a long time. Just a small act of giving.

Start strengthening your mind…….by reading more about spirituality, your craft or another spiritual path and reading daily affirmations. Do this in the evening before you go to bed. Get off twitter or whatever….. and spend that free time reading something magical. If you are not a book reader, perhaps try writing in a journal. Or do something practical for your craft. Take 10 minutes to put an oil together, or grind up those drying herbs or read some cards.

While preparing dinner…… light a candle! This takes 1 second and as you light it, be grateful, connect with the energy around you even if its just the warm glow of the flame. Be grateful for your dog or parents or that someone bought you a coffee in the drive-thru today.

Cleaning your home……. we commonly use our own dried peppermint that we grind up and use it as a potpourri. Whenever you are ready to vacuum, sprinkle it everywhere the act of moving it around releases the smells and the aroma is so clean and crisp. If that isn’t something you would do, try using peppermint oil. You can add it to your wash bucket. Try adding a few drops in corners around your home.

Marinate….. this is my favorite. Every night as you sleep, think about something you want, something you already had, somewhere you want to go or somewhere you have already been. And marinate in it. Be there again in moment and re-live it or create it. There is no rush, you are in bed and about to fall asleep to the most wonderful dreams.

You don’t have to do all these things in one day, but you could do a couple. Think about what it would take to make more magic in your day.

If you want to start adding some magical decor into your home to help set the mood, you read a post on that here

Good luck and if you have any other suggestions, leave a comment!





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