Witch Life – Training Crows & Ravens

321bf16d4ef31587a59fd055431e9c21The caw of a crow and croak of a raven are the heartbeat of a witch. Witch history is heavily steeped with tales of crows and ravens. Most commonly being our “familiars” trained to do our bidding, so long as mutual respect is maintained.

Today I’m talking about training your crows and ravens, these are highly intelligent birds. Despite what others may think, quite sociable and dare I say almost loving too. They want to please their feeder and soon will start to surprise you with little trinkets as a way of saying thank you. Now this doesn’t mean to go out and buy one, not sure if you could anyway??

They will come to you, trust me. They love routine and keep schedules and have very good memories. They will soon learn to recognize you and even come close to you and just hang out.

db886953d806f9807b77001c57100fd8Training can be done on your own property or at a local park nearby. I had them coming to my home, but neighbors starting making comments about how “strange” it was that we were the only ones with “those black birds”(Insert major eye roll here) So….. to avert further attention, I began the feedings again at a park, that is a minute walk away. I thought it would take awhile to re-train them. But to my surprise and delight, they followed! I still get the odd few stopping by, and when I do see them I throw out a treat or two.

Moving on to scheduling and what to feed them! They like running on time, so if its easy for you to toss out their breakfast for them on your way out to work, do that. Or on your evening walk to the park. Do this daily and you can start seeing them come around in a weeks time, to 2 weeks. Of course other small animals will get to the food first, but don’t be fooled, they are watching and learning your patterns and your face. You may not see them at first, but they see you.

I feed them unsalted peanuts still in their shell and mice. Yes, mice! We have mouse traps all over work and I’m the nice one that offers to dispose of them. Usually once a week, there is a tell-tale screech from a co-worker in the office and a silly smile comes over my face. I can’t help it!! It makes me happy to know my birds will get such a treat. Little do my co-workers know that the mouse will get bagged and come home with me. I know that isn’t for everyone, so stick with peanuts if dead mice are not your thing.

Its a wonderful way to give back, just be mindful not to over feed. I do hope you give it a try! Its such a wonderful interaction and you won’t be disappointed.

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