Re-Post-My Practice-Eastern European Folk Magic

aLet’s dive right in shall we? Here you will find and see my personal practice of Eastern European folk magic. However you will notice that Slaves are solitaries, no covens among us. We may meet and exchange, but no “sisterhood” in that coven sense. My practice is heavily based in candle work, water magic and dolls. You will find that I rarely use colored candles. Although convenient to already have colored candles to coordinate with your work, it is not part of my regular practice. I make my own oils, talismans and amulets. Where I come from and how I was taught was to use simply what you have, what is readily available or what was brought to you. If nature did not or could not provide it for you, then you simply didn’t use it. The use of exotic or impossible to find curios is not part of what we do. The exception to this is if the person you are helping brings it with them and wants to give it as part of their offering or payment to you.

Talismans and amulets created from nature, are very common within our tradition and I do hope to do more posts on that soon. Its common practice for spells and rituals to contain the essence of humans. What I mean by that is…. vaginal secretions, semen, blood, saliva. Don’t freak out! I know its not something you normally hear, but its the truth. Our bodies are a gift from nature and if used correctly can make magic. I don’t post a lot about it, because its not something that people are comfortable with. A fear of the unknown perhaps?

We have our Slavic Pagan Gods/Goddess, as well as saints and patron family saints that are sometimes petitioned in our work. (**I personally do not worship any of them, or work with them, but rather work with energy.**) We ask and pray that our Mother Earth and all her energy guide us each and every time we work. Understanding her role, the seasons she brings, the cycle of life and the balance of female and male energy is what we pay most attention to.

Having said that, we do not shy away from the dark side. We understand that payment will be due for our actions one day, but that day is not today and perhaps we will be giving a pass…? We do not live in fear of retribution but rather have a healthy respect for understanding karmic law. We do not seek to tip the scales for for the sole benefit of ourselves. We are here to serve and tip your scales, as you so wish it to be.

We are light workers and night worshipers. We will love with you and cry with you, we will never desert you. Because we are you! We have loved, we have laughed, we have been hurt and cried. We know and understand you! That is the heart of a true witch, we are every color of life. We embrace it all, what is upside down we will make right, and vice versa.

Thank you for following along!

Happy Witching

ps. If you want darker posts, let me know in the comments or email me and I am happy to oblige.



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