Wild Witchcraft Plants – Part 2

Summer is in full force and I am so grateful for it. I have been using some of my spare time to forage as much as I can to re-stock. Its important I go every week since something new is always blooming. And once its gone, its gone for a long time. Canadian summers are short, so I have to make sure I get everything I need to keep me going until next spring/summer.

Its a great way to get outside and be in nature. Enjoy the peace and quiet, its so soothing and cleansing for the soul.

FullSizeRender (2)I’ve collected here Yarrow, Queen Anne’s Lace, Bladder Campion & Sweet White Clover. These are just starting to bloom and I’m waiting for the hemlock to bloom and I’ve got my eye on some pretty amazing hogwart that has bloomed! Its quite poisonous so I have to be careful with that one! I will definitely be back out gathering more of these as they pop up.

IMG_0190I also collected Chicory the buds are just starting to bloom, I will gather more when they are in full bloom. Along with Stinking Chamomile, and yes it stinks. Don’t worry you can’t mix them up with other Chamomile varieties. You will know when you found it, run your had over it and give it a sniff. I would say it has a hint of skunk, but not quite. Of course, Canada Thistle! Its everywhere now and blooms for a long time.

Get out there and explore! Even for the sake of a lovely wild flower bouquet for the kitchen table.

Until next week, Happy Witching!

8 thoughts on “Wild Witchcraft Plants – Part 2

  1. I can smell that chamomile. Would love to see a picture of the place where you forage sometime. When I was a child I have fond memories of walking across a large field with so many wildflowers on the way to grandmas house. It was always a slow walk to try and catch a grasshopper or watch the butterflies and bumblebees moving among the plants. Sometimes a bouquet would be gathered. I never knew the names of any of them. Thank you for this post.

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  2. Love foraging so much, we are working through winter here in Australia. Though it’s really nothing much to complain about and I still have much in flower and the herbs are doing well. The bees are starting to return so I feel spring is on her way.

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