Celebrate Summer Solstice!

Summer_Solstice_Sunset_06-20-16Welcome to the longest day of the year! A day to worship the the sun and be grateful for its light. Celebrate the magic of love and light today as the sun will linger and dance upon the skyline and fill us with warmth. Let it kiss you on your face until you fall asleep under the moon.

There are so many traditions and rituals that play out on this day. I would like to think that if the Sun could speak to us, it would say just play! Play and enjoy life under my long warm light and begin your day long feast from the bounty I grow. Swim in water I have warmed, laugh and dance in my field of flowers I have grown, until your feet can’t move you anymore. Rest under my light and let me keep you warm, for soon I will be gone again.

dThis is what you do on Summer Solstice! Go outside, stay outside and enjoy your day anyway you choose. This is what the Sun would want from us, that we appreciate and show gratitude for its light, by standing in it.

If you are looking for a midsummer ritual read here

I wish you all a most beautiful day!

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