Magical Tools From Nature

25e4cd710dc09ff646259f5bdad468a6Welcome back! I love love love going out into nature and bringing home magical treasures. I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember. I think as kids we all did!

But as a grown up Witch I think its safe to say we all at one time or another hit the shops and stock up. Nothing wrong with that, we deserve a little retail therapy by way of witchy products with fancy labels and shiny trinkets. Truth be told… we don’t need it. Its very easy to buy something, but try and consider things around you everyday.

When I went on nature walks with my grandmother we would come home with all sorts of things. Some we kept, some we hid and some we charged under the full moon. Her altar didn’t have fancy crystals, the few she had were gifted to her from people traveling through, no beautifully labeled bottles, no fancy colored candles or incense. There were no witchy shops, no wand makers or any type of occult shop… none of it.

So where did you get what you need for magical work? Nature, that’s where! We would collect rocks, rocks with holes, pebbles, sea glass, twigs, leaves, flowers, feathers, weeds, fallen nests, pine cones, acorns, sand, different types of dirt, roots, tree bark and even the odd bone…… the list goes on. You can imagine the endless possibilities. What she had, she acquired from nature or it was passed down to her or gifted to her.

It was so simple, so easy, and if you didn’t find what you were looking for? So what! Maybe next time you will, there is no pressure, no time line. You just can’t rush nature. But you can always count on her to give you what you need when you need it and when the time is right.

e3084ac0e318871f79fa0ead645fd10bI can’t say I don’t have sparkling crystals, I do and I love them! And I have far too many sets of tarot and lenormand cards. I only use one set now, but I don’t have the heart to get rid of the rest. All she had was an old set of playing cards, a few rocks, a bowl of sand, salt, some candles,twigs, straw dolls a few runes that she made on her own and a bag with corn and dried beans. She would burn her own herbs/flowers/roots on hot embers from her wood burning stove or have a simmer pot going. And it was completely and totally magical.

Remember, its your intention that makes something magical. Take a walk, pick up something that speaks to you. Charge it with your power, and under the moon to make it apart of you.

Time to get back to the basics.

Happy Witching….


12 thoughts on “Magical Tools From Nature

  1. Thank you for this lovely reminder! As beautiful and wonderful as occult shops are, I see how convenience can distract me from the root of the craft, nature and what she provides for us

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  2. I really love this post. I go to occult shops often, mostly to browse, and there’s nothing wrong with picking up this or that. But it really is about nature, letting it provide what you need, and connecting to it on a deeper level. Beautiful post, thank you!

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