Canadian Summers & Slowing Down

art-deco-french-colour-postcardThanks for stopping by. Just a quick note to let you all know that I will be slowing down the blog posts over the summer months. Canadian summers are short! We like to soak up every last minute of it around here.

There will be posts about once a week, come fall it will be back on full force.

I wish you all a wonderful sun kissed summer. May your days be filled with endless splashing, bbq’ing, hiking, gardening, napping, reading, camping and whatever else your heart desires.

Happy Witching!


3 thoughts on “Canadian Summers & Slowing Down

  1. I can relate! Summers are short in the Dakotas too! Plus I work at the Petrified Park 2 – 3 days a week. This month is strictly the museum. Not sure if I will get to the Gift shop this year, but I try. At least I should be starting to do basket weaving starting next week when the supplies come in. If I could find the materials for the caning project I would be starting that already! 😀 Enjoy the rays while you can get them!

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