How To Cast A Basic Spell

aaI get a lot of emails asking, “how do I just cast a spell?” This is actually a fairly loaded question and topic. There really isn’t just one way or a “mother of all spells”. There is a post here how to craft your own Spells. There are so many factors to consider one being lunar phases, what you truly believe and what is in your heart. Along with the other curios that can be used for a variety of reasons. You also have to consider your own protection prior to casting, but I’m not going to get into all the in’s and out’s of spell casting today.

If your not in the mood to create your own spells right now, I will lay out the instructions on how to cast a very basic spell. I hope this quenches your thirst! To start, make sure you are in a good mood, and a positive state of mind. When your vibrations are high, you are able to manifest more of what you want.

What you will need:

  • Smudge stick, incense or simmer pot
  • a piece of your hair
  • a white medium sized pillar candle
  • piece of paper & a pen
  • a plate
  • an offering ie: glass of wine, fruit, coins, nuts or seeds

Get your incense going, sit quietly and create a clear vision in your third eye of exactly what you want.  Use the incense now to clean and clear you and your working area along with the paper, pen, plate, candle and offering.

Take your paper and write down what you are seeking, add your hair then fold it in half towards you. Using a lighter, heat up the bottom of your candle so you can get a few drops of wax on the plate. Attach your folded piece of paper onto that wax, so the paper won’t move on the plate.

Next you will heat the bottom of the candle again, create another small pool of wax         on top of the paper and attach your candle, nothing should be able to move. Your               candle should be sturdy standing on its own. If you want at this point you can add             salt around the base of your candle just to make it a bit more sturdy. If you do, make         sure to smudge the salt.

Now light the wick, place your offering beside the plate. This is your way of saying           thank you and showing your gratitude to the universe. Let the candle burn out                   completely, do not blow it out. Once it has burned out on its own, bury the candle             and paper in your yard or potted plant. Include the offering with it.

You can read up on some more easy spells here. and here.

Good Luck!

Happy Witching!

10 thoughts on “How To Cast A Basic Spell

  1. I like how you do this. You are correct in that there is no one way or one spell. It is good to have many ways since not all people will be attuned to the same way, spell, magic in general. Thanks to jinxx for posting this so I could find you. I will be looking over your site and seeing a new set of teachings to absorb. (I am a perpetual student learning and absorbing information as I go through life. Thank you for your posts!

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