New Moon Candle Magic – New Home

1aWelcome back! What a wonderful time of the month to set new intentions and start new! Create new beginnings and make a change! Just a quick post on some candle magic work I did last new moon (April) for a dear friend that was in the process of moving.

The issue was resettling and unsure of where to go and needed a very quick solution. She put a lot of her own actions in motion on her end and followed through as best she could with the circumstances put forth. I jumped in and helped out to help make things move along.

I used a white medium sized candle, inscribed it, dressed it with my own oil I make, rolled it in ground coffee and chili peppers. All the while I prepare it, I am charging it with my energy. I surrounded it with white and black salt. Attached to a square plate including a written request beneath the candle. The square plate was to represent the four corners of her new home, along with tulip petals for new beginnings and an offering of walnuts and an apple.

2aI wish I had taken a photo at the very end, but the wax had formed a complete circle and a flowing formation towards the “house” card. It didn’t look that way for most of the burning, as you can see from the photos. I was a little sad to think I would have to share with her that it didn’t go as we had hoped. But I carried on and the candle burned down so quickly and created a beautiful full circle! I knew all would be right in her world again. And it has.

I wish you all a blessed New Moon.

Happy Witching


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