Create Your Own Spells

cropped-a.jpgCreating your own spells can be an easy, simple and fun to do. It will get you exploring and pushing your own boundaries and realizing your own great capabilities. The satisfaction of knowing you created something out of nothing for the purpose of change is amazing!

Its easy to grab some books, or pull something off the internet to get the job done. Somehow its not the same, I don’t know why people feel the need to rely on a book and copy someone else’s spells? Doing this blindly and without question, is what you are reading even legitimate? Who knows, perhaps it is for the person who wrote it, but not for you. Not in the same way. That can leave you feeling disappointed.

blowWe have a saying “what one woman speaks, another cannot repeat” Basically, don’t copy or rely on others peoples words as your own and expect the same result. This is why I typically don’t include written words for my spells. Just the actions.

I often gets asked, how do you make a spell? What books do you use? Well the answer is simple, I use my own book and so should you! Don’t get me wrong books are a wonderful resource for inspiration, guidance and learning. But the work is yours and its really about you and your words.

First…  Ask yourself, what is it that I want? Spells are about giving or receiving, so are you requesting that you receive something? Or are you giving? Think about it…. please can I have something, or thank you for…….

Second….Think about who are you asking for help to complete this spell? If you have deities that you honor, you can start there. Think about the ones that will correspond with your request, perhaps its different Gods or the Universe. Who are you asking? You have to ask someone, you can’t just say it and not direct it anywhere. You don’t have to have any Gods, the Universe has plenty of energy to go around, so you can start there.

color-correspondencces-for-candle-magicThird…. Where will you do this? Your altar is a good place to start. If you don’t have an altar, that’s fine. Find a quiet spot in your home or outside. Set the mood with some music, candles and incense if you like.

Fourth… think about other correspondences you may need.  What are some herbs, roots, spices, plants or flowers that you can add? What about crystals or simple stones and rocks? Perhaps personal body items? You can use photographs, letters, cut outs from magazines, print outs from the internet that represent what you want. Place all these items in front of you. Write down a few keys words that are most important. Once you start speaking, the filler words will follow.

Don’t get caught up with having to use all kinds of fancy curios or tools. You should have a candle at least, even a tea light. That’s really all you need.

3d686176331db416ba39e054e08b8004Fifth….. Now take each item in your hand and charge it with your energy. Surround it with your light. Tell that rock what to do, and go through each item you have collected to help your cause. Ask for the universe to be present, to listen to your words and express your gratitude and lay out your offering. (honey, wine, bread…)

example only: I take this rock and empower it with all my love and energy, may it bless my wishes and grant me what I need. and so and and so forth with each item. Change the words around, make it your own. Use words you know and that you are comfortable with.

Lastly….Finish it with simple words such as “this ends my spell, here and now, accept my offerings as gratitude for all you do and all that I am about to receive” Again, change up the words so it makes sense for you and your needs.

This is a base for creating your own spells. Keep it simple to start, you will grow and learn. Each time will get better and better. Don’t be intimidated by fancy stuff you see, simple is just as effective! Keep your money in your pocket, go out into nature and find what you need there.

Happy Witching!

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