Becoming A Solitary Witch

aBeing a witch is self defining. Becoming a witch is also self defining. No one can tell you otherwise. It doesn’t matter what your lineage is, it also doesn’t matter if you have no lineage and simply decided today is the day your journey begins. You are just as much a witch as the next person. If you want to be. Always remember that.

Sure its nice to know that someone has passed on the family tradition through generations and you have learned from that. Don’t let something like that stop you from becoming a witch because its not something that was in your family. At the end of it, no one gives a shit who your granny was and or what she taught you. Its about you! Your actions and being authentic to yourself and practice is what counts. Your knowledge is your Power.

How do you know if you are a witch? If you find yourself asking “am I a witch” then you likely are. You feel it, you just are. You are aware of yourself and your surroundings, your senses are heightened. That feeling is there and its real. Don’t every ask for acceptance from others or for other people to authenticate that you are a witch. No one has the right. This is the quiet glory of being a solitary witch.

cropped-honey-bath.jpgSo now you’re a self defined solitary witch, where do you go from here? Start reading, read wide, read well and read wisely my friends. There is an unbelievable amount of bullshit out there. I can promise you, you cannot shoot fire from your fingers tips. Question what you do not understand or believe and keep notes about it.  Don’t be put off by things you don’t understand, learn more about it so you do understand. Don’t be intimidated by any of it, learn it, gain power and knowledge and you will become unstoppable in your path.

Don’t believe everything people tell you either. Don’t follow blindly, there are other religious organizations that are happy to have you if that’s the case. I encourage you to speak to other witches, even talk to coven leaders and decide for yourself. If something doesn’t feel right, well then… its probably not. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! People have questions about the bible all the time, to clarify to understand. (Bible study) Its not about judging someone else’s path or experiences. Its about understanding them in a way that makes sense for you.

cropped-a.jpgAll witches are different, I don’t give a hoot what anyone says. Even if you are part of a coven. You and I are not the same and that’s okay, we are not suppose to be. But we can learn and grow from each other and continue on our solitary path until we meet again.

Being a solitary witch requires working on yourself a lot, self guidance, self motivation and self dedication.  No one else can do it for you, you have to learn it yourself, for your yourself and your way. Don’t get caught up in the notion that you have to practice everyday, you don’t. Being a witch is not about casting spells everyday, in fact its the farthest thing from it. Its about the energy you carry, spread and share that is within you and your heart.

This is your personal journey and adventure. Whether you are solitary or not, be humble, be kind and don’t put others down. It is so unbecoming.

blowBecome the witch you want to be, be authentic. Don’t be what social media tells you to be. You have a guide, listen and follow that feeling. There is no set way, don’t try to conform to what you see on TV and the movies. That is smoke and mirrors for entertainment purposes only.

Being solitary is doing it your way, so stop comparing yourself to others.  If what you see from other witches is what you want, that is not an authentic expectation or experience you will live up to. You will never achieve it, so whats the point? That’s not authentic to you. Its one thing to be inspired, its another to copy and expect the same result. You will be the only one left disappointed.

You are an amazing human who has chosen to take on this magical solitary path. This is your calling, you deserve it, you earn it, learn it, create goals, make timelines, follow your own study calendar, live it, breath it and it will be.

I wish you the most magical journey that will delight you in the most unexpected ways. Perhaps our paths may cross one day, I look forward to meeting you.

Good Luck!

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6 thoughts on “Becoming A Solitary Witch

  1. Now…I’m disappointed

    I was just about to ask you for the secret of shooting fire from my fingertips…🔥

    😉good read😉


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