Re-Post – Candle Folk Magic… Clear Your Mind & Heart

Good candle1Afternoon,

So grateful the weekend is here! I typically start my weekends by getting the house all clean and catching up on laundry. It makes spending the rest of day and weekend a lot nicer. Another reason is I get to spend a little time on my craft.  I managed to make some citrus oil and black salt today, but more on that later.

Work this week has been a combination of pleasant and sad. We learned some sad news of a fellow co-worker and let go of another co-worker, throw in a few sleepless nights and all this has resulted in some yucky feelings and not feeling our best.

In a perfect world I like to have a 7 day candle burning each evening, some weeks I manage it, this week I didn’t and I felt it.candle2

So here we are on Saturday and I’ve prepared  a candle to clear our minds an hearts of all the anxious and uneasy feelings, I’ve included 3 crystals as well. Clear quartz, black tourmaline and fluorite. I dressed my candle with an oil first and sprinkled herbs that correspond with my needs. I use those same herbs around the base of the candle as well. I always include an offering back to mother earth.

The main offering is always alcohol, this is very traditional of Eastern European folk work. I usually add a second offering as well, walnuts of course. Walnuts are a staple in any eastern folk magic kitchen.

The flame got quite large, that’s a good indication its doing its job! Burning away those feelings and letting that light and warmth in to heal.

Sometimes we need to clear our heads and hearts, try lighting a candle and surround it with your favorite herbs, flowers and crystals. Write down what you are grateful for or inscribe it into your candle.

Happy Weekend Blessings:)

11 thoughts on “Re-Post – Candle Folk Magic… Clear Your Mind & Heart

  1. I think I’ll try this one. Thankyou. What herbs do you use? Do certain ones have special meaning? I just planted parsley sage rosemary and thyme


    1. I just noticed that I didn’t include the herbs I used! For this particular one I dressed it in homemade lavender oil and citrus oil. I used dried lavender, crushed dried rose petals, lemongrass, ground cloves, and I used dried lemon peel that I grated with a microplane. Its hard to see it all, the lemon grass takes over a bit. I hope that helps:) If you have any other questions you can always email me directly at Good luck!

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  2. Funny, when I had an actual “JOB” I had time for things like that, but since I became semi retired, I haven’t been able to keep up with my spiritual side/obligations. I always enjoyed candles, their scents and the beautiful calming flame when I would stare at it for long periods of time. Now a days, family (the hubster and son) have me running about like a headless chicken! But thanks for reminding me about this. I need to get back to those basics again.

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