Witches Living In Harmony With Nature

barbed-wire-and-wildflowers-gorman-california-wallpaperMost Witches live with honor and respect for nature and her laws. We understand the power she has and can grant. We learn and continue to reap what she sows. Giving back and being grateful for all that we have keeps us in balance with her. As Witches, how can we heal and help ourselves as well as others without her? We Cannot. For this, we are forever grateful.

Individually we are a small part of the earth, but we are all connected one way or another. I suppose we will never understand just how powerful we are, but nature has a way of making things right. Making sure that balance is balanced one way or another and stays that way. We do our part by living with integrity and understanding our role we’ve been gifted. We carry the responsibility of caring for ourselves, others, Earth, animals and for those who cannot. As hard as that may be at times.

Remember she holds your feet up so you may stand, give back an offering by taking care of the Earth and all she has given and all that we take, each day and everyday.

Happy Witching

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