Celebrate May Day With Ribbon Magic

may3Finally May is at our doorstep! What a glorious time of the year it is. The earth beneath our feet is warm, buds are blooming and the breeze has turned warm. Head outside and let it Earth do what is does so well, hug you from the inside.

I’ve such fond memories of this day, as a child I was part of our local folklore dance group. This was the dance that all the girls loved getting dressed for and wore baby breath flower crowns and of course danced around the May Pole! All those ribbons, the music, the sweet smell of flowers and grass. Lastly the glorious fire burning all day and into to the night setting the darkness aglow. We danced in circles holding hands, laughed until we cried. Stayed up far to late and came home truly exhausted for the days events and fell into sweet slumber. It truly is and was a fairy tale day.

May Day is a day of celebration by way of fire, food, dance and a little magic. Long gone are the days that I’ve danced around the May Pole in my folklore dress and flower crown, but we can keep some of the tradition and magic alive. Here is an easy way to celebrate and make a little magic!

Have a picnic outside and plan to be outside all day, weather permitting. If you cannot safely have a fire, bring a couple candles that you can keep in tall glasses with sand or dirt. Don’t forget the music, blankets and ribbons! If you can, go to your local grocery store and pick up some baby breath and wear it in your hair as a crown or just tucked in behind your ear. Or use whats blooming around you! Sit in the glory of the sun, let it warm your skin and make your heart light. Listen to the birds and watch all the nature around you. Spend time with your nearest and dearest, even if its only one person. Be a child again, just be free.

may1Here is the fun and simply magical part. Take your ribbons and start writing your wishes on the them, along with things you are grateful for. You can even just write the names of your loved ones, or people who are no longer with you. Whatever is in your heart, write it down! Now take your ribbons and find a tree and start hanging. Once it is done, walk around the tree or dance for each wish you hung.

Let the breeze sway the ribbons and sit back and enjoy the beauty of it and everything around you. The birds will come and take them to make nests or the wind will blow them away. Don’t worry if you see them blow away, its just your wishes being set out into the world.

Have a wonderful and magical day and may you hold the joy of May Day in your heart all year!

Happy Witching!

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