How To Cleanse, Charge And Consecrate Your Crystals

7a780dc67bf0642d21fa70fccab682f5Crystals are wonderful addition to our lives. I like to say that crystals have their own heart beats, so its important we take care of those little hearts and keep their vibrations high!! Lets keep your crystals clean and healthy so they can keep working hard for you. Always make sure you do this on a day that you feel good, your happy your head is clear and vibrations are high. This doesn’t have to chew up your whole day, this can be as quick as you need it to be. No fancy spell work or rituals needed here. We all have busy lives, so lets get to it!

1. Gather up all your crystals from all the nooks and crannies of your home, office, car, garden or wherever.

2. Do a quick salt water bath. You don’t need to let them soak for a long time, just throw them in, roll them around through your fingers and pull them out and let them dry. Some crystals are not “water” happy, so bathe the crystals only for a few moments. Do not leave them sitting for hours on end in the water.

3. While they are drying you can put them out in the sun light to charge, up to an hour is good.

4. You can also smudge your crystals, standard sage is good. However lavender is also really lovely for this purpose. Frankincense resin is a great way to get a good puff of smoke and start running your crystals through the smoke making sure you get them covered in smoke all around. I would recommend doing that outside, the smoke can become overwhelming.

5. Full moon, I think we all know this one! Anything can be charged by the light and power of the full moon. Do a quick salt water bath for your crystals first, then lay them out under the full moon to dry and charge all night.

6. Bury them just under the dirt surface and let them rest and re-charge there for 3 days. They will need a quick salt water bath after this, unless you have rain water you can run them through.

7. Use Natural water , such as a stream, creek, pond, lake or ocean if its easily available to you. Let the water run through them. You don’t need to add salt. Just the natural water will do. If you collect rain water, this is also a wonderful way to clean them.

8. Meditate with your crystals and surround them in your white light energy. This is the most time consuming option, if you have time to meditate with each one then this is a great one to do! You can connect with each one and just spend time with the crystal and re-connect, charge it with your energy and tell it what to do.

Lastly, you don’t have to say a prayer over your crystals if you don’t want to,  just make sure you have good positive intention flowing through you while you are doing these actions. If you do want to dedicate your crystals, now would be the time to do that. Tell them what you need, and they will serve you.

Remember…. crystals vibrate on their own(remember the heart beat?) So you don’t have to dedicate them if you don’t want to. They know what they need to do!

You can read more about crystals here and here!

Have fun with your crystals, love them and take care of them. They will serve your well!

Happy Witching!


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