Research Tips For The Beginner Witch!

s-l225Where do you start? There is endless amounts of information out there about becoming a witch. You can google till your hearts content, or until  you are completely confused! I’ve complied a quick beginners list of items you can research if you are just starting out. Or if you are simply just interested in the topic, its a good jumping off point. I won’t go into a lot of detail about these items, its important to learn and discover the craft at your own pace. If this is something you want, you need to do the research.  Become dedicated!

Remember that Witchcraft is a personal journey, its about you and how you connect to the universe. No two witches are alike and that’s okay! We can all learn from each other.

As promised, here is a starter list of items you to help you begin your journey!

1.Research the history of Witches & Witchcraft, this is so important to know, learn and begin to understand where this started. There are so many types of witches, witchcraft, healers, druids, gods, goddesses and pagan history. It doesn’t mean you will connect with all of it, or agree with it but its history and its important to understand the roots.

2. The Elements, what are they? Are you drawn to a particular one, how can use them, what are they used for? What element are you? How does it relate to you? Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Does the word spirit mean energy to you? Or source? Or perhaps something else?

3. Grounding/Earthing/Soaring – What is grounding, earthing and soaring? How and why do we do it? How does it help us? Feet firmly planted and arms raised and soaring above your head, eyes closed. What feelings does this action provoke?

4. Intuition & Third Eye – What is it? How do you develop a stronger intuition, and awaken your third eye, how do you use it and why? You can read more about that here

5. Altars & Tools, learn the basics and set up a small altar for yourself. You can make it elaborate with time or keep it simple. The choice is yours, but research the purpose of it, why you would have one, how you would use it, what do you put on on? What magical tools you may need. Don’t get stuck on just one way. There is no right or wrong way. This is your sacred personal space, and challenge yourself to change it up with the seasons and moon cycles. ***side note*** don’t run out and buy all this stuff you may not use or need. Try to work with what you have in your home first. 

6. Protection – learn about all the ways you can/should protect yourself and your home. There are so many different methods that include herbs, salts, crystals, candles, white light work…… so many possibilities. Its so important to know how to protect yourself before you begin any magical work.  It doesn’t matter what you are casting, always protect your energy and the energy in your home. You can find very simple or complex spells for protections, start small, go easy at first. You will learn to make this part of your life, if not daily, weekly. You can read a little more about that here

7. Learn the basics of herbs and crystals. This topic has so much information so don’t feel overwhelmed.  When you look up the magical properties of any herb or crystal and you see 100 different things just take what you can from them. You will learn in time how to use them in your own work, to work for you. Where they come from and how to take care of them is important to understand.  You can read a little more about that here and here

8. Moon Cycles – Witches live by the moon. So learn your lunar cycles! What is a waning moon, waxing moon and new moon? What do we do during these times, what type of energy are we working with during this different phases? Was the moon waxing, waning, full or new when you were born? What does that mean about you and how can work with that knowledge now? What is your moon sign? You can read more about that here

9. Spell Casting & Rituals – is so much more than just herbs, crystals and lighting candles. Its about the message you are sending out to the universe. What is the work you are willing to put in, to get back? Are you aware of what you are doing and how it may affect your life? Remember that every spell you cast is for gain, one way or another. Meaning… something has to give, for you to get.

10. Daily Ritual/Meditation – how can you start making the craft a daily part of your life? What would that look like? How long would it take? It can be as simple as lighting a candle or incense in the morning/evening and taking 2 or 3 minutes to just be still. You can journal self readings or take time to read and expand upon what you are learning. Will you include a bath/shower with special herbs to cleanse and re-charge?

11. Offerings –what are they? when do you use them, what do you give, to whom and why? If you have a deity that you connect with, what can you offer in return for their guidance? If you don’t have one, that’s okay!! Connecting just with the Earth and nature is fine. So give back, even if its just a few seeds. The Earth is grateful:)

12. Deities/Spirit Guides – If you think you would like to connect with deity, start researching possible deities.** do not put pressure on yourself to connect with one, It may not be your jam and that’s okay!****

Have fun with this, this is an exciting and magical time if you are just starting out! Never stop learning, ask questions, look for answers! Think about what you want witchcraft to do for you, how will it benefit your life? Will it help you become what you have been looking for?

Enjoy the journey, fall in love with the craft, the craft will love you back.

The Slavic Witch

9 thoughts on “Research Tips For The Beginner Witch!

  1. What a wonderful starters guide. I agree with your sentiment, there is so much fluff, so many sites with facts based upon watching a Harry Potter movie or two. The big question for any initiate is “Why?” then “How?”. I will be taking your advice on board. Many, many thanks

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