The Witch of Woodplumpton

GrannyMoon's Morning Feast


The most famous of witches in my general area is that of the Pendle Witches. However through my love for myths and legends, last summer I discovered a legend of a witch a little bit closer to home.


The Witch of Woodplumpton is that of a legend of a woman named Meg Shelton. Who was accused of witchcraft and buried in a local churchyard.


The “Fylde Hag” that was Meg Shelton was accused of stealing milk and transformation of herself into objects. She was seen as a nuisance to the local farmers, as she would often transform herself into objects on the farm in order to avoid detection. There is one story of her changing herself into corn sacks, as the farmer noticed the sacks – where there should be none. He poked the sacks with a pitchfork and stabbed the bags. One…

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