Spells Not Working? Reasons Why And How To Fix It!

acircle3If only it was as easy as snapping our fingers that magic would simply appear. Unfortunately its not so simple and we have to make like cats and practice patience. Moving energy around and sending ripples out to the world isn’t an overnight turnaround. We have to work at it, sometimes for a long time depending on what your end game is.

Having said that, I come from a tradition that when “most” spell work is done, its done! We “don’t look back” Meaning once its done, that it. Don’t think about it, don’t talk about it, trust that what you did will cause some change even in the smallest way. Well this can suck sometimes so we learn to work around it.

Here I have listed Reasons Why and How to Fix It!

1.How are you feeling when you are doing your spell work? I bet pretty optimistic the first time around, but if things are not coming to fruition its easy to get disappointed and discouraged. So how do we get that feeling back, that complete rock star witch feeling that you got this? Meditate! We have to really use our third eye and meditate prior to our work. You have to see the end result in your minds eye, whatever that may be. You have to be able to smell it, feel it, sense it and know that it is that way, not that you “hope” and “wish” it will be. But that it is! This is so important, if you have any doubt in your heart, then it just won’t work.  No self-defeating talk about yourself or your work. All the candles in the world won’t help if you simply don’t believe. 

2.What do we do when its done and nothing is happening? Start over? The answer is Yes! Keep in mind you have to give time, some time to do its thing. When we begin again, you can repeat your last spell, however you have to make a change, even in the smallest way. Whether it is your words you use, how many candles, herbs, other curio’s, time of day, lunar phase… change something! If you keep repeating the exact same thing over and over, it won’t change. Sometimes you really have to work on it, and keep doing it to get the result you desire. Don’t be discouraged if you have to keep doing it, it’s okay! Just remember to change one small thing each time. You didn’t learn how to drive a car the first time you sat in it, you did something different each time to make it better.

3.Keep it simple! I understand different traditions call for different actions. Cut back to the basics, keep it simple sometimes getting all fancy and getting complicated makes things more complicated.

4. Work with a clear head and keep your emotions in check! We have busy lives and changing emotions we deal with through the day and bring home with us. If you are not in a good head and heart place, simple don’t do the work. Just wait, who cares if you have to do it another day. Don’t get stuck on ” I have to” that’s where it all starts to go down hill. Clean and clear your altar space, or wherever you are working. Sage your area and yourself before you begin. Once you begin, visualize where your spell will go, the stages in your mind that it has to go through to get to the end. Visualizing the energy moving, the colors, smells, feelings. This goes back to number 1, when you start your meditation!

5.Optimize your magic by lunar phases. Based on the spell requirements, cast during the lunar phase that is the most desirable for your outcome. You can read more about that here

6.What if you are casting for other people? Its so important that they do not carry any doubt or use self-defeating words about the situation, or about the work being done, it simply becomes un-done. People get so caught up in it all and start talking to everyone about it and all these bee’s are buzzing in their ear and all your hard work is for nothing. Sooooo frustrating. I would encourage you to have a very honest conversation and explain to them that this isn’t shopping for a house, you don’t need anyone else’s opinion about it.

7.Journal your work so you keep track of your spells and progress. Especially if you are repeating work. This is a great way to see how things are moving along, going back and re-reading can open your eyes to something you may have missed.

I have to add, there are times when things simply will not work. We don’t have all the information we need, or power to get the results. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try or how much we want something, it simply isn’t going to happen. We have to learn to accept that the universe has the last say in what we wish for. That means, the universe doesn’t always agree.

The Slavic Witch

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