Harness The Powerful Moon! How To Make More Magic!

I’ve always been so fascinated by the magic of the Moon. As I grew older, I was taught the basics of the moon phases and how to use them in correspondence to daily life and ritual. The power and energy it has, its always there, just take what you need when you need it, and be grateful for it! Don’t forget to thank the Moon, leave an offering. The moon loves silver coins.

Most witches prefer to work on a Full Moon or the New Moon, but if you have no need to do any magic, you can just honor the moon through ritual.  However, depending on the type of magic you want to do you will want to wait for the right phase. Even if you are not the magical type or into rituals, its a good idea to understand lunar energy and know when to make decisions, changes, start new projects, set new intentions or stop things, simple by understanding the moon phases.

aWaxing moon –  The moon is growing towards Full Moon. You are allowing things into your life, bringing things into your life. This is when you start to see the first sliver of the moon after it has gone dark(new moon) this would be the time that the continued work from the new moon is carried out. Setting your intentions, goals, start new projects, change directions, start anything new. Make a major purchase or just a fun shopping trip. Start a new job, new courses, new pet even a new relationship! This is also a good time to bring new things into your home, work space or anywhere else that you spend a lot of time in or around. You can clean your altar, treat yourself to some new magical curios, bind your own smudge sticks, create new charms and talismans, 7 day candle magic and plant new flowers, bulbs and seeds. If there are parts of your life that need a little repair, this is a good time to start working on those areas. Giving and accepting forgiveness, spending quality time with your friends and try doing some crystal grids during meditation.

 aFull Moon  This is where your hearts wishes come true! A truly magical night and amazing time to do some grounding/earthing/soaring. Let your feet grow roots as far as your mind will take you. Let your arms soar above your head into the night sky to touch the stars. The energy of the full moon is perfect for calling on what you really want or need. Excellent for all spells, blessings, rituals, candle work and casting circles…. Full moon energy is at its highest but still very strong a day before and after the actual full moon. So if time doesn’t permit you to work on the actual night of the full moon, don’t fret! Just do it the next night. This is a great time to cleanse and charge your mirrors, cards, runes, crystals and smudge your home and pets. Sit in the light of the Full Moon and keep mirrors around you so the light is reflecting back to you and take all that amazing energy in. You can read more about that here and here. Let’s not forget Full Moon gazing to awaken your Third Eye

aWaning Moon – This is when the moon is on the wane. Moving away from the full moon and getting darker. This is a time to remove or stop things going on in your life. This would be the time to cast spells for banishing and binding as well as letting go. Anything you want to get rid of, now is the time to do it. Great time to give the house a good cleaning, even if its just one room or a drawer. If you have some ghostly visitors, now is also a good time for them to head out the door. Whether it be physical items around you or negative energy, and people. Cast it out and be done with it. Try not to do anything that requires a lot of energy, this is when the moons lunar energy is starting to get low, so you may not achieve the results you are looking for. If you are casting a spell to find a lost object or to acquire more abundance, you may be disappointed with the results. Some say this is a good time to cut your hair, lawn and clean up the garden weeds.

aThe Dark Moon – This is the time when you cannot see the moon in the sky for 3 days, some people refer to it as the New Moon. A lot of witches believe that you should not practice any magic during this time, since its also considered a time of rest.  However, this is peak time to set new intentions and finally banish and remove what you need to get rid of. What you set here, is said to come to fruition during the Full Moon. This is also a quiet time, look inside yourself and listen to what you need. Everyone needs a break, so if you can, take the time now to cuddle up with a good book or some favorite movies and just disconnect.

There is tons and tons of information out there on lunar phases and how it corresponds to spell work and daily life. You can even pick up a farmers almanac to help you keep track. They always have great tips in there and its a great learning tool and easy read. Keep reading and researching you can never know enough! Learn how to use the power of the moon phases to raise your vibrations and energy and let it work for you! Try living by the moon for a few months and see just how magical it can be.

The Slavic Witch

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