Simple And Easy Money Spell For The Beginner Witch!

awillow1The weeping willow is starting to stretch her limbs again this time of year why not get started.

The weeping willow is strong, very deeply rooted and grows quickly.  Its very common and easily found and now with the spring weather here its a great time to forage some fresh vines and get to work. You will see the little buds on the vines, you will need to use those in your work as well. Each bud you will charge with money and abundance you are binding. Hold each bud in your fingers and whisper to it, so the vine knows what to do. You don’t have to charge all of them, there can be a lot on just one vine! Do as many as you need or feel. You can even just repeat the same one over and over again on all the different buds.

You don’t need a lot, you just need 1 piece of vine, so don’t go crazy wrapping away either, you are just doing more work for no reason.

You can use a potato or straw doll to represent yourself or a bill with your name on it that you have to pay.  Alright, back to the potato and straw dolls, these are not to be purchased ready-made you have to make it. Take your potato and start carving your name into it, and carve the amount of money you are binding to you, be very specific. Once you have done that, you take your vine and start wrapping as you do that, you state the money you need/want and what specifically you are using it for. Repeat until it is done.

Store this wrapped and hidden in birch tree bark somewhere deep in your home. If you do not have birch tree bark, keep it in a dark bag deep in your home. Once the potato has expired, bury it somewhere near you with an offering.

Don’t forget, binding is not for everyone and not to be taken lightly. You need to be very specific, don’t bind $500 to yourself just because you could use it.  Next thing you know, you get unexpected money you wanted and then a really high electricity bill that you have to spend it on. Get my drift?

Happy Witching!

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