The Powerful Benefits Of Black Witches Salt! Recipe Included! Witches Salt is primarily used for protection, but also used for reversing negative work, bindings, circle casting, candle magic and ritual. I use black salt in all my work, for my own protection and for the person I’m casting for. This is an important staple for many witches and you can always keep this stocked without having to dish out a lot of money.

Black salt can be used around the home on a regular basis, after a cleansing or just on special days throughout the year. You can start with keeping it simple and do a light sprinkle around your doorways, windows, perimeter of your home inside and out as well as corners. Don’t forget to line your property with it as well and along your fences. You can keep some on you by putting a little in your shoes, pockets, purses and cars. You can also use this at work no matter how big or small you space is! Draw a line light enough so you know its there, but not to be seen.

How Its Made: This is so easy to make at home, try this first before you hit the “buy now” button. I know its so easy to go online and just buy it. But why not just give it a try? Traditionally black salt is made from the soot and ashes of burnt oak wood. But, that’s not always available, so we move onto the next best thing.

You will need the following:

  1. Table salt or sea salt – start with about a cup
  2. Soot, scrapings from fire pit or fire pot. Be mindful of the type of ritual you used prior to that. If it was for negative work, don’t use it. Some people use scrapings from a bbq, it works. Charcoal is another option.
  3. Black pepper – couple table spoons
  4. Rice – about a table spoon
  5. Dried Rosemary – about a table spoon
  6. Pestle and mortar or a food processor.

Throw in your salt, start will a small amount first then start adding the scrapings until you get the color you are looking for. Don’t worry if it seems a bit wet or moist the soot can do that.  Once you have the color you like, add rosemary and black pepper. Start grinding it all together, it will start to smell wonderful. Add the rice last, this will help absorb any moisture and keep the salt loose. Remember while you are making this that you are putting all your intention into this.

At this point do a quick sage to it, blow the smoke directly onto the salt while stating your desired intention for it. Even if its just for general protection. Try to time this close to the full moon so you can charge it under the full moon.

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Happy Witching!

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