30 Days of Gratitude…Day 25……

Cottage Necessities

IMG_3323 Opened this fortune cookie on day 28

Getting out of our own way…..

Sometimes, I hear a person say they wish they had this or that, as though they never will, or have no choice in the matter, or ” can’t afford it”.

My heart goes out to them as they wallow in their misery.

In essence, they are saying that either they don’t deserve it or that life just hasn’t dealt them the right hand of cards so they can be a winner, too.

IMG_1981I want to just grab them by both arms and shake them. 

I want them to know that anything is possible.

But first, we must train our minds, our lines of thought.

IMG_3416If we think and talk like we are poor, then we will have those experiences.

They will be delivered right to our door just as though we had ordered from the local restaurant.

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