Magic And Power Of The Sun To Strengthen Your Third Eye

awaken-third-eye-1024x544 (1)Our Third Eye has a strong link to our intuition, it lets us see and feel things in a way that plain vision and physical touch cannot. Intuition is something we all have. Some of us are more in-tune to it than others and that’s okay! You can work on it! Its always there, sometimes its screaming at us and sometimes its just a gentle nudge. We can ignore it, I know I have and lived to regret it. Or we can learn to follow and listen to our internal compass and guide. It will never steer you wrong.

Awakening your Third Eye will make you more aware of your surroundings and allow you to receive messages more clearly and you will begin to live and work at a higher vibration. Who doesn’t want that?

This is a very simple process and we all do it and don’t even notice that we are. Its the incredible power of sun and moon gazing. We’ve all done it, just standing there and soaking up sunshine after a few rainy days and we let it warm our bodies. What an amazing feeling it is, how our bodies crave it and thrive. This is what our Third Eye wants, most of the time our eyes are closed, the tip here is to keep them open. Harness the power of the sun and moon to help you reach your spiritual goals.

When I was just a child I remember very clearly my grandmother getting up with the sun as it was rising and standing facing it. Sometimes outside, sometimes inside and just staring directly at it. This is when the light is not strong and its safe enough to stare into the sun without it being harmful. She would repeat this at night as the sun goes down and also while the Moon was full. She was very dedicated to her craft and ritual.

Include this in your daily ritual, you don’t need to make this a long process. Take a few minutes and clear your mind, meditate while staring into the rising sun, see the glow of it as it spreads to the surrounding clouds. Really focus on your third eye being open and staring and looking around. Be aware of your feelings, you can even journal it each time. Keeping track is a great way to see your progress.  Its so important to do this everyday, ideally with the setting sun as well and during the times the moon is full in sky. But… we all have busy schedules and doing this even once daily can be tough for most! So don’t be hard on yourself, just keep doing it! It takes daily practice, so don’t be discouraged.

Soon you will start to notice even in the smallest ways your senses are heightened and you are becoming more hyper aware of your surroundings. Little things like knowing you will hear from someone, that you when you dream of someone you will see them soon. When you meet new people, see old friends and even the same people daily, your third eye is telling you something about them, listen to it. You will understand its a message that will come to fruition and not just a passing thought.

For example: a mother could look at her child and without touching that child can know that something is about to happen, good to bad. Even when the child appears to be fine. Its that third eye seeing something that others cannot, knowing with all your might that there is a message to be felt and seen internally.

That is what we strive for, that our third eye sense is so strong that we do not question it and simply follow its guide and fully trust our own intuition.

You can include crystals that will help enhance the awakening of your third eye. Include them during longer meditations, so you can grid the crystals around you and on you. I will have another post of crystals that can help.

Try it tonight as sun is setting…

Happy Witching


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