10 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Mercury Retrograde

imageApril 9th – May 3rd Mercury is in retrograde and here we go again… There are a few times during the year with have to deal with Mercury in our day to day lives. I’m sure by now we all know the general idea of whats going on and what may happen. I’ve narrowed down a few things to consider and how to navigate this frustrating time. Be over prepared and plan ahead the most important aspect here is communication, this is prime war time. If you are looking for a fight, look no further. However, most of us like to avoid such quarrels so here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Try to avoid spell work that is related to new beginnings this includes card readings. Communication is off, so don’t expect your readings to be accurate. The client may also be difficult to handle during this time, wanting/expecting one thing, and being delivered something else. Then having to explain to them that mercury is retrograding… its just not good. You can see how that may not work out.

2. Take a moment before speaking. Plan ahead if you know you are meeting someone or have a presentation. Play out the conversation in your head and all possible responses and how you plan on responding back to that person. Communication is a big one here, try not to jump to conclusions, pre-judge or bite someones head off for just passing on a message. Prepare to repeat yourself a lot!

3. Try to avoid starting new projects and new contracts. I know this isn’t always possible. If you have to start something new, being over prepared is key! Dot every i and cross every t and have a fresh set of eyes review it.  This is a time to renew and review your commitments personally and professionally. This could even be as simple as signing a new contract for a furnace, Don’t do it. However if its simply a continuation of what you already have, then by all means, go ahead. Make sense? Simply put, continue what has already begun, do not stop it and start something new.

4. Emails/ Contracts-in-progress/ Mail/ Texts/ triple check you are sending the right messages to the right people. Watch your wording, be especially careful if you are sending something sensitive. Think about how the person will read it to themselves. Perhaps have someone read it aloud so you can hear how it sounds. If you have an important package or shipment that is being sent, track it.

5. Traveling can be pesky during this time. Check you flights before you leave, pack your patience and your passport! Cars a bikes seems to go on the fritz and so does traffic. Make sure you keep your car in good shape, balance the tires, get an oil change and drive carefully! Keep your distance, this is prime time for minor fender benders.

6. Cellphones, computers, tv’s and really anything electronic is just waiting to make you crazy. Lets avoid total melt downs and just back up your stuff. Oh and make sure all your favorite shows are still recording.

7. Anything and everything on your calendar for the next 3 weeks, confirm and re-confirm so you are not left disappointed, or disappoint someone else.

8. Avoid the water cooler. Gossip is wicked at the best of times. Don’t engage in it. This can seriously come around and bit you in the arse.

9. Don’t buy anything new that is over $500. It can wait, whatever it is. That fancy expensive white coat might get red wine all over it. Just wait.

10. Lastly, this is a time to re-treat and go down memory lane, reach out to old friends, family and co-workers. If you need to forgive someone, this is a good time to let go. Clear out your home, de-clutter get rid of old things, wrap up loose ends. Throw out old bills, clean out your junk drawer. Clear you space and sage the crap out of everything. This is the time you want to finish things up! That endless “to-do” list is calling your name, start checking it off.

You will be amazed at just how much you can get done in 3 weeks. At the end of it you will feel like you have navigated and conquered mercury retrograde and may even get more than an organized junk drawer out of it.

Think of it like keeping all your ducks in a row all of the time. Its easy once you get a good flow going and if one duck gets crazy you can handle it, and get him back in line. But if there was no line to begin with, well….. then I wish you good luck.

Happy Witching













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