Survival Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

I love my crystals, like I love my fried chicken but I can’t carry a bucket of it around with me.

This Sunday April 9th is the start of Mercury Retrograde. I try to be practical with crystals and keep it to a minimum. Here is a round up of 4 crystals that I keep on me during mercury retrograde and also on some of my electronics that I use daily and some I keep in my office at work. There are so many more, these are just the ones I have narrowed down that work for me in the environments that I am in daily. Do what works for you, but these are a good base to start with if you are just starting out and you don’t have time to do more digging. You can find more information on these here

aamAmazonite – keep on you and electronics, its a great filter between you and your laptop and cellphone.




Black TourmalineBlack Tourmaline – place on electronics and keep one on you, its a great cleanser and purifying stone.



aemEmerald – keep on you, in your home, at work, in the car. A stone of patience and happy relations.




aclear_quartzClear quartzplace on electronics and keep on you


All of these are so easily found and don’t cost a lot. Just buy small ones you can keep in your pockets or hidden away from direct view.

Happy Witching!

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